2014 NFL Scouting Combine Day 2 Recap: QB, RB, WR

2014 Combine NFL Draft


Blake Bortles:

-Bortles was the only one of the top 4 QB’s who threw at the Combine and that alone should help him in some talent evaluator’s eyes. Bortles threw the ball well overall displaying nice placement and a strong deep ball. He did all the workouts and was a top performer in the vertical and broad jump. His 40 times were slower than expected and what you see on tape, but it shouldn’t hurt him too much. Teams know he’s not a track star and his training should be focused on throwing the ball and not running the best 40 time. He shows good mobility on tape and that is what is most important.

Derek Carr:

-Carr didn’t throw the ball similar to Manziel and Bridgewater, but it’s worth nothing that Carr played in the Senior Bowl, so NFL scouts have seen him throw the ball far more in a better NFL environment. Carr did do the workout drills and was a top performer in the 40, vertical jump and 20 yard shuttle. While all three help him the 40 and 20 yard shuttle help show his mobility and quickness. Carr maybe isn’t going to be running like a Manziel, but the fact that he has that mobility and quickness helps his draft stock. He can buy time in the pocket and pick-up first downs with his legs. Given that he likely will go to a team that is rebuilding any thing extra that he brings to the table is a positive.

Johnny Manziel:

-Manziel is a lightening rod of a topic when talking about the top QB’s as some view him to be a potential bust, while others see him as the star of the class. Now he didn’t throw at the Combine which was known for sometime going in, but he did do all the workout drills and he didn’t disappoint. Manziel finished in the top 5 in all 5 workout drills: 40, vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle. The 3 cone and the 20 yard shuttle were most impressive (he finished 2nd and 1st respectively) as it really highlighted his quickness and escapability. That is what makes Manziel so special, and he proved that his numbers were with the best of them. Now his height coming in under 6’0″ was disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

Teddy Bridgewater:

-Bridgewater didn’t throw and he didn’t run the 40 making him the only top QB not to do either. He did do the other 4 workouts and did finish top 5 in the broad jump and 20 yard shuffle which helps, but was it enough? Carr and Manziel did better overall in workouts and Bortles threw the ball really well. Bridgewaters stock may have dipped behind one or more of the other top quarterbacks on some team’s draft boards. Bridgewater can still make it up, but definitely not the best day.

Running backs:

Dri Archer:

-Archer put up the best 40 time of any prospect so far at the Combine and also finished top 5 in the vertical jump, 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle. Archer really showcased his impressive athleticism and speed and will get teams interested on the 3rd day for his big play and special teams ability. Archer showed well in the on the field drills as well.

Ka’Deem Carey:

-Carey didn’t run and wasn’t the smoothest going through the drills, but he was so productive that it probably won’t knock him down too much. He wasn’t expected to “blow up” the Combine and some teams may be wary, but others won’t have a problem with it at all.

J.C. Copeland:

-Copeland is a tank out there as a fullback and weighing-in at over 270 pounds, Copeland looked pretty good out there throughout the drills. Fullback isn’t a high priority position, but a team that uses it will take him on Day 3 and could get a pretty good part time player. He might only play 35% of snaps, but he will do so at a high level and early on.

Tyler Gaffney:

-Gaffney wasn’t a guy high on a lot of people’s boards, but he put together a strong Combine that will bump him up a little bit and put him somewhere in that 4th-6th round range. This is definitely a case where the Combine really helped Gaffney and  will make teams take a longer look at him

Jeremy Hill:

-Hill was a bigger back and wasn’t expected to run as fast or be the smoothest in drills, and unfortunately he didn’t do much to change that perception. Hill was very average to below average in all the drills and didn’t wow too much in the positional drills. He had some good tape, but he was also inconsistent at times. Hill’s stock probably won’t change too much, but it’s tough to see him in the top 75 picks. He’s likely a late 3rd to early 4th rounder.

Tre Mason:

-Mason had a really strong day particularly in  the positional drills. He just looks so smooth and powerful out there and  really looks to be a featured back who should go somewhere in the 2nd round.

Bishop Sankey:

-Sankey was a back that a lot of people had mixed opinions on, but he impressed in a lot of the drills and looked really good in the positional drills. One key was that Sankey caught the ball well which will help him quite a bit at the next level.

Wide Receivers:

Kelvin Benjamin:

-Benjamin has extremely enticing size, but he had some question marks coming into the Combine. How athletic would he be and how good were his hands. In both areas he didn’t do much to help himself. He did all the workout drills and was pretty average to above average in them. You would have hoped that as a top WR prospect he would be successful in at least a couple drills. Benjamin was just okay catching the football as well and didn’t distinguish himself.

Martavis Bryant:

-Bryant came in with a lot of question marks, and he needed a strong Combine to help his case. Bryant was expected to blow up the Combine and he did to very well, but it was probably a touch under a truly “great” performance. Bryant caught the ball well, but probably isn’t the most natural pass catcher. It was a good day for Bryant and if not for a deep receiver class he’d probably go much higher in the draft. As it stands he’s probably a 3rd-4th rounder.

Brandin Cooks:

-Cooks had a huge day and is going to be a top target for any team that heavily uses slot receivers. He is also going to intrigue some teams as an outside receiver as well despite his lack of height. Cook is a playmaker and that is  what stood out about him today.

Mike Evans:

-Among bigger receivers Evans had one of the better days in the workout drills and definitely separated himself from some of his closest competition. Evans also did well catching the ball and running routes helping him out overall.

Jeff Janis:

-Janis is a small school guy who scouts didn’t know a lot about, but now after a strong Senior Bowl and good Combine he’s moving up draft boards. He has great size and speed and will get some early 3rd day consideration (4th-5th round).

Jarvis Landry:

-Not a good day for Landry his first 40 time was one of the worst among WR’s and then he came up lame shutting him down for the day. For a guy some considered as a top 50 guy, it really hurt his stock.

Marquise Lee:

-Lee is considered a top 3 receiver by most people, but he had a poor Junior year so there were some questions about him. Lee didn’t have the best day and kept some of the questions alive. With some other top receivers having big days Lee could begin to see his stock slip a little bit.

Jordan Matthews:

-Matthews had an impressive career and Senior Bowl week, but many felt in this class he wouldn’t be able to crack the first round. After a huge Combine Matthews is going to challenge for a top 5 WR spot and answered any questions teams might have on him.

Donte Moncrief:

-Moncrief was another bigger receiver who tested extremely well and really could jump up the draft boards. With the WR position so deep and the talent level so close, success or failure at the Combine could shake up the rankings more than some other positions. Moncrief probably won’t crack the top 50, but could be in that late 2nd round area.

Allen Robinson:

-Robinson was a guy who was considered by some to be a top 5 WR, but he struggled throughout the drills and it brought up some of the question marks from his tape. Robinson could drop into the late 2nd round consideration and could even slide into the 3rd in this deep class.

Sammy Watkins:

-Watkins was the top receiver coming in and he didn’t do anything to change that perception today.

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