Coach Gus Bradley Press Conference

2014 Senior Bowl NFL Draft

Here is paraphrased excerpts from the South team’s coach Gus Bradley (coach of the Jaguars) during his Senior Bowl press conference:


On being here as an assistant with the Buccaneers a few years ago and how it is different as a HC

Now knows the planning that goes into it – planning the practice schedules and forming it to maximize every minute – need to figure out how much info to give the players to see how well they handle it and how well they transfer it to the practice field – as a HC get to go from meeting room to meeting room and be able to learn about the learner.


On Mike Smith’s comment about learning more about the players in the first 36-48 hrs. than when otherwise here for 3-4 days

Agreed – you get to spend so much more time with the players – also looks at it as an opportunity to showcase the staff and the organization – that could be a benefit 3-4 years from now when these guys become free agents – make it a positive experience now so that they might be interested in coming here later.


On players choosing not to accept invites – does that change perception of that player

Not to him – may be an issue for GM or scouts to consider – his only concern is with the players who are coming here to compete – with all the juniors coming out, it places more importance on coming to the Senior Bowl – coaches get to see a lot more in those 3-4 days.


On Dee Ford – he’s small but seems to make an impact

Likes Ford’s personality, spirit and love of the game – teams love guys who can rush from the edge – the 3-4 teams will look at him as an OLB – in Jaguars scheme, we would look at guys like him at the Leo spot.


On whether there are any edge rushers that stand out

He needs to watch more of the tape – noted that they took some LB’s and put them down in pass rushing drills to try and showcase their talent.


On impressions of Wesley Johnson – is 290 lbs. enough?

Sometimes can get caught up with the height and weight – need to look at how a guy plays – some guys have the ability to play big.


On the opportunity for small school guys to play in this game

Great opportunity – looking to see how fast they can get ready for this level of competition – they might struggle the first day, but do they improve the next day and as the week progresses – the Georgia Southern guys and the Liberty guy have done well – it’s not too big for them – noted that they designed practice to see that competition for these guys to go against the top level guys – noted too his approach to this game is a little different – wants to showcase talent and create competition, but also is looking to form a team – get them to know each other and become a team in 5 days – some would say that is not what this game is for – but he wants to see leadership – can the quarterback lead and get them to play as a team – if they become a team quickly, then that’s another evaluation that has taken place.


On his impression of the Georgia Tech players

LB Jeremiah Attaochu – have him as a LB but also have showed him as an edge rusher

DB Jemea Thomas – really stood out in 7-on-7 drills – there was one situation where he didn’t do something right, but later when he was in that same situation he got it right – that’s what you look for – how well they learn and apply it in their next opportunity.



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