2013 NFL Draft Grades: Jacksonville Jaguars

Draft Grades NFL Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft Grade:


Round 1, #2 – OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M – Grade: A+

-Fantastic pick by the Jaguars, Joeckel was the top overall player in the draft and gives a woeful line a huge boost at RT. More and more teams are putting top pass rushers at RT so it is time for the Jaguars to match-up. Joeckel gives them great value and makes whomever the QB and RB that much better.

Round 2, #33 – FS John Cyprien, Florida International – Grade: A

-Tough call to not go with Geno Smith here and fill the QB need, but Cyprien is a great value and fills a big need.

Round 3, #64 – CB Dwayne Gratz, Connecticut – Grade: B

-Gratz is a slight reach here but he fills a big need for the Jaguars. He was climbing up draft boards after an impressive Senior Bowl and Combine.

Round 4, #101 – WR Ace Sanders, South Carolina – Grade: C-

-This is too much of a reach pick for me, especially with them passing on Matt Barkley when they traded back, and Ryan Nassib after making the deal. Either quarterback would have at least given them some sort of option. Sanders could be a valuable returner, but I’m not sold on him as a slot receiver just yet.

Round 5, #135 – WR Denard Robinson, Michigan – Grade: C

-Probably a round too high for Robinson, and too similar of a player to Sanders. Even though they are likely to play Robinson at running back, you’d still likely split him out in the slot some, which is where Sanders would be playing. Also, with Sanders already drafted it negates any return potential Robinson would have.

Round 6, #169 – FS Josh Evans, Florida – Grade: B

-Good pick-up here for the Jaguars. Evans is a good value here and he could play early on. Jacksonville gutted their secondary and needed to rebuild it in this draft.

Round 7, #208 – CB Jeremy Harris, New Mexico St. – Grade: C

-Intriguing depth guy, but there were better players available.

Round 7, #210 – CB Demetrius McCray, Appalachian St. – Grade: C+

-I like his upside a little bit, but this is becoming overkill in the secondary.

 Overall: B-

-I loved how the Jaguars started their draft off and could even understand them passing on Geno Smith at the top of the 2nd round, but their value kept fading as the draft wore on. It might not have been the 1983 QB draft, but there were some intriguing prospects out there, how they pass on one in the 4th is the most shocking. The positive of this draft is they rebuilt their secondary, but other than that not much to write home about other than of course the great pick of Luke Joeckel. Hopefully guys like Gratz and Evans can quickly contribute, because otherwise one of the thinnest rosters was only able to add two starters from this draft class.

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