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The 2013 NFL Draft is behind us, but there were some of the memorable reactions & images to college players being drafted into the NFL that are worth being shared.  We understand this is a monumental occasion for these players who have worked their whole life to achieve this goal and share it with their family and friends. But in most cases, its the family & friends reaction that is priceless!

Here are our favorite and most memorable reactions & images during the 2013 NFL Draft:


1. The Photo Bomb – This guy is super excited that Denard Robinson was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars:



2. The 2 sides of QB Geno Smith:

Happy Geno (I’m getting drafted in the top 10):









Sad Geno (I’m not coming back to this dump):

geno smith reaction







3. Honey Badger gets emotional – and his girlfriend is out of her mind excited:









4. Some people are talking about OT Lane Johnson’s wife’s braces. Who cares? Who knows, but here’s the photo:

lane johnsons wife braces







Lane Johnson doesn’t care, he’s just enjoying his new city’s famous food…cheesesteaks! They are delicious! 

lane johnson cheesesteak









5. Speaking of Offensive Tackles, we guess 2nd overall pick Luke Joekel is a mama’s boy:











6. And here is Kansas City’s reaction to drafting Offensive Tackle Eric Fisher #1 Overall:


kc reaction










7. Some players’ children stole the show on the Radio City Music Hall Stage. We happen to think CB Darius Slay’s little guy had the cutest reaction to all the people & cameras:









8. And the video most people have seen, OT Justin Pugh’s reaction to becoming a New York Giant. Be sure to watch the whole thing, as the friends’ reaction before, during and after the call is amazing!



Which reaction was your favorite?  Hope you enjoyed the 2013 NFL Draft!




























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