2013 NFL Draft Grade: New York Giants

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New York Giants Draft Grade:


Round 1, Pick 19: OT Justin Pugh, Syracuse – Grade: B-

-Pugh is a bit of a reach going in the top 20, but he fills an important need for the New York Giants. With the exception of LT William Beatty, the Giants offensive line is pretty old and has seen their play drop off. Pugh offers really nice versatility and should quickly earn a starting role.

Round 2, Pick 49: DT Johnathon Hankins, Ohio St. – Grade: A

-Hankins is a great value pick for the Giants, as he was a borderline first round prospect. He help fills a big need in the middle of the Giants defense, an area that has failed them in recent years.

Round 3, Pick 81: DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M – Grade: A-

-Moore is a nice pick-up here. He may have been a high risk/reward 1st round pick, but as a 3rd rounder he’s a steal. He gives them the 3rd pass rusher that the Giants love to have, and could have an impact in a situational role.

Round 4, Pick 110: QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse – Grade: B+

-This is a good value for Nassib, who is a smart, tough quarterback and should fill a key role as a quality back-up for the Giants.

Round 5, Pick 152: S Cooper Taylor, Richmond – Grade: B-

-This may be a slight reach for Taylor, but he was a safety with a lot of intriguing potential. If he’s checked out medically, then he could develop into a starter down the road. In the mean time he should have a lot of value as a special teamer.

Round 7, Pick 225: G, Eric Herman, Ohio – Grade: C+

-Herman is a nice 7th round sleeper pick, and could project to be a solid depth interior lineman.

Round 7, Pick 253: RB Michael Cox, UMass – Grade: C

-Cox gives the Giants some depth in the backfield, which lost their starter Ahmad Bradshaw. There were better options still on the board though, which is why this doesn’t get a higher grade.

Overall: B+

-I understand why the Giants reached a bit for Justin Pugh as he filled a huge need for them, but it does make it a bit of a risky pick. The Giants did well with getting great value with their next three selections and all of them filled a need. Hankins and Moore should really help boost their defensive line production, even if they don’t start. Overall the Giants did a really nice job addressing problem areas and getting value.


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