2013 Mock Draft Day 3: Round 7

Mock Drafts NFL Draft

Offensive Players Best Available for Saturday  /  Defensive Players Best Available for Saturday


1(207)   Chiefs        : CB Adrian Bushnell, Louisville

2(208)   Jaguars     :  WR Rodney Smith, FSU

3(209)   Raiders      : DE Walter Stewart, Cincinnati

4(210)   Eagles         : RB Cierre Wood, Notre Dame

5(211)   Lions           : ILB Steve Beauharnais, Rutgers

6(212)   Eagles (From Browns)   : G Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech

7(213)   Vikings (From Cardinals)    : G Jeff Baca, UCLA

8(214)   Vikings (From Bills through Seahawks)  : DT Jared Smith, New Hampshire

9(215)   Jets          : DE Chris Jones, Bowling Green

10(216) Packers (From Titans through 49ers)  : DE Michael Buchanan, Illinois

11(217) Browns (From Dolphins)    : DT William Campbell, Michigan

12(218) Eagles (From Buccaneers)   : ILB Vince Williams, FSU

13(219) Cardinals (From Panthers through Raiders)  :   WR Marcus Davis, Va Tech

14(220) Seahawks (From Saints)    : G Earl Watford, JMU

15(221) Chargers  :  CB Branden Smith, Georgia

16(222) Bills (From Rams)   : WR Alec Lemon, Syracuse

17(223) Steelers   : WR Mark Harrison, Rutgers

18(224) Packers (From Cowboys through Dolphins): DE Joe Vellano, MD

19(225) Giants   : DE Joe Kruger, Utah

20(226) Patriots (From Bears through Buccaneers) : RB Mike James, Miami

21(227) Browns (From Bengals through 49ers)    : FB Lonnie Pyror, FSU

22(228) Redskins                  : RB Ray Graham, Pitt

23(229) Patriots (From Vikings) : OLB Travis Long, Washington State

24(230) Colts     : CB Nigel Malone, Kansas State

25(231) Seahawks  : CB Nickel Robey, USC

26(232) Packers      : QB Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt

27(233) Texans       : FB Zach Boren, Ohio State

28(234) Broncos    : DE Quanterus Smith, Western Kentucky

29(235) Patriots      : QB Collin Klein, Kansas State

30(236) Falcons      : CB Aaron Hester, UCLA

31(237) 49ers           :  G Eric Herman, Ohio

32(238) Ravens        : DE Stansly Maponga, TCU

33(239) Eagles (Compensatory Selection)  :  OLB Ty Powell, Harding

34(240) Bengals (Compensatory Selection)  : WR Ace Sanders, South Carolina

35(241) Seahawks (Compensatory Selection) : TE Justice Cunningham, South Carolina

36(242) Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)  :  DE Scott Vallone, Rutgers

37(243) Falcons (Compensatory Selection)    : OLB Brandon Sharpe, Syracuse

38(244) Falcons (Compensatory Selection)    : OT Oscar Johnson, LA Tech

39(245) Lions (Compensatory Selection)  : K Dustin Hopkins, FSU

40(246) 49ers (Compensatory Selection)   : RB Steffon Jefferson, Nevada

41(247) Ravens (Compensatory Selection) : P Jeff Locke, UCLA

42(248) Titans (Compensatory Selection)    : S Branden Bishop, NC State

43(249) Falcons (Compensatory Selection)  : RB Montel Harris, Temple

44(250) Dolphins (Compensatory Selection) : P Ryan Allen, LA Tech

45(251) Bengals (Compensatory Selection)  :  OLB Nathan Williams, Ohio State

46(252) 49ers (Compensatory Selection)    : TE Levine Toilolo, Stanford

47(253) Giants (Compensatory Selection)  : TE Lucas Reed, New Mexico

48(254) Colts (Compensatory Selection)   :  WR Ryan Spadola, Leigh

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