5 Teams Most Likely To Trade Up In the First Round

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1. San Francisco 49ers-

-What do you get for the team that has everything? This is exactly the question the 49ers are asking themselves right now. They are a team with few needs and have not only the most picks in the draft, but also five selections in the top 93. The 49ers 13 picks (and that is after they acquired Anquan Boldin and Colt McCoy), affords them the ability to get just about any player they want in this draft. Now the likelihood is they will try to trade some for future picks to keep ensuring they have extra picks going forward, but that shouldn’t stop them from making a move up to get their guy. Safety is really their one primary need, and I could see them jumping up to the late teens/early 20’s to land one of the top safeties.

2. Atlanta Falcons-

-The Falcons may feel that their best shot at getting to the Super Bowl is now, in what appears to be Tony Gonzalez’s final season. In addition to Gonzalez their two key free agent signings, Steven Jackson and Osi Umenyiora are both likely on the downside of their careers, meaning this might be the best production you get from them. Given than mentality and the fact that they have 11 selections, Atlanta is expected to make a big move up on draft day. Unfortunately the Falcons extra selections are all compensatory picks (which can’t be traded) and they lack any extra selections in the top couple of rounds, which could make it harder to jump up too high. The Falcons are likely to target a cornerback or defensive end in any trade up scenarios. Also, given Gonzalez’s pending retirement and the potential for two tight end sets, Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert is a dark horse option as well. The Falcons may consider packaging together future selections and that could allow them to get into the top 10.

3. Miami Dolphins-

-The Dolphins are desperately trying to reshape their roster this offseason, and are in a good position to do so in the draft,. They have 11 overall picks, and five in the top 82. While it is possible that they trade one or more selections to the Chiefs for OT Branden Albert, they could still be in a position to move up in the first round. If Miami makes the Albert deal then they could look to move up to grab a corner like Dee Milliner or one of the top pass rushers. If the don’t workout the Albert trade, then they really need to trade up to ensure they get an offensive tackle. I could see them moving up maybe even as high as 5th overall to ensure they get a tackle or Millner.

4. Baltimore Ravens-

-The Ravens have 12 picks in the draft and aren’t going to find 12 roster spots (or even close to that) for their picks, and not all of them would make it to the practice squad. The Ravens typically are patient in the draft, but desperate need at Inside linebacker and only a small short list of capable starters, I expect them to jump up from 32 to ensure they get their guy. Baltimore could also target one of the top safeties in that late teen-early 20’s range as well. I wouldn’t expect the Ravens to make as big of a jump as some teams, because they are likely to try to draft at least 8 players for camp competition and depth.

5. Seattle Seahawks-

-The Seahawks traded their 1st and 7th round picks (plus their 3rd next year) for Percy Harvin at the start of the offseason, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a mover and shaker in this first round. They are a team with a lot of young talent and plenty of depth. They could look to jump up into the bottom half of the 1st round if they feel they can land an impact guy. Defensive tackle is a likely target for them and there should be some really good options on the board for them. Though they might not be as likely to make the move as some teams given the higher cost to them, I really wouldn’t rule them out as they will look to make a splash.

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