Ryan Nassib Scouting Report

NFL Draft Scouting Reports


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 227

Arm length: 32”

Hand: 10 1/8”

40 time: 5.06


  • Good three year production as a starter at Syracuse
  • Has a clean, quick devlivery
  • Adequate arm strength to make all the throws
  • Is more mobile than his 40 time would dicate. Capable of buying time and scrambling for some extra yardage.
  • Good overall accuracy especially on the move
  • High character and a hard working quarterback
  • Constantly looking down the field to make a play, doesn’t give up too quickly when under pressure
  • Scans the field well, doesn’t telegraph his throws with his eyes.
  • Good overall footwork


  • Could possibly be too much of a gunslinger, especially when going from the Big East to the NFL, will need to throw the ball away more
  • Will at times overcompensate and put too much on shorter routes, that turns routine catches into high risk throws
  • Needs to improve ball placement for his receivers to make plays down the field
  • Is on the shorter/smaller side of NFL quarterbacks
  • Will need some developmental time, possibly 2 years worth


Ryan Nassib is a quarterback who won’t “wow” you in any one area, but does a lot of little things well, that could allow him to develop into a good starter. Nassib has a good feel for the game which should help his progression. He has good awareness and field vision and does a nice job picking apart defenses. He’s a hard worker and without a doubt a guy who will become the leader of the offense. He’s fearless in the pocket, and doesn’t get rattled when under pressure. He’s also willing to take chances and attack any opening, even if the window is small. Though that fearless, gunslinger mentality could end up being a very good thing for Nassib, it also comes with some risk. His level of competition is going to drastically improve at the next level. His desire to stay in the pocket or force a throw as opposed to throwing the ball away, could actually lead to more sacks and interceptions at the next level. What makes Nassib’s gunslinger mentality a bit more troubling is his lack of top notch arm strength (or close to it). With the windows getting tighter in the NFL, Nassib lacking the zip on his deeper routes could cause some problems. Nassib has a lot of promise, but he’s probably a better bet in a west coast offense that doesn’t feature a lot of downfield passing. He’ll need some developmental time, but could end up as a very good starter down the road. He’s in the 2nd-3rd round, and is one of the safer quarterback picks in terms of producing at least some positive value.

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