Kyle Long Discusses Being Versatile Lineman and NFL Future

2013 Senior Bowl NFL Draft
OL Kyle Long leads block during Senior Bowl game.

Here is my interview with Oregon’s OL Kyle Long at the 2013 Senior Bowl practices:


Q:    What’s the best piece of advice you got from your father and brother about this process?

You can never go wrong working as hard as you possibly can and being honest with yourself.  Hard work will get you very far in this world, whatever it is you’re doing.  If you work hard and you’re professional about your business, then good things will happen.


Q:  You don’t have as much time on the gridiron, so what do you want to show NFL scouts this week?

I want to show NFL scouts that I’m more than just a last name on the back of my jersey.  I understand that a lot of people want to ask me about my dad and my brother because they had great success in their own right.  I’m here to prove myself as Kyle, # 74, offensive lineman.

OL Kyle Long leads block during Senior Bowl game.

OL Kyle Long leads block during Senior Bowl game.


Q:  You were a baseball player and have a lot of athleticism.  Was that part of the reason you chose Oregon, because they run that spread attack and you were able to showcase that some?

In looking for a school to go to, I knew that it was going to be an expedited career, it was going to be an abbreviated career.  In watching Oregon the past few years, I couldn’t think of a better offense to showcase my athleticism and to pick up the offense quickly.  Coach Kelly and Coach Greatwood gave me an opportunity and I ran with it and I’m forever indebted to those guys.


Q:  What would it be like to get drafted by Coach Kelly and play for him next year in Philly?

I think it would be great.  I love Coach Kelly.  He’s the kind of guy you want to go to work for.  He’s a player’s coach and he’s a winner.


Q:        What do you think is your biggest strength you bring to an NFL team?

My passion and I’m always striving to get better.  Also the fact that I’m raw right now – there’s a lot of potential that is untapped.  Also, you know what you’re going to get out of me on a day-in, day-out basis.  I work hard and like to get after it and I love the game of football.


Q:        Do you think there’s a particular type of system that you fit better in?

Not necessarily.


Q:        Any position that you feel is your stronger suit?

Probably offensive line. (laughter)


Q:        Along the line?

There’s no one position that I feel most comfortable at or least comfortable at.  I feel like that’s what, obviously makes me more attractive to a lot of teams.  Because everybody needs offensive lineman, if you’re somebody who’s played inside and outside, then it gives you more of an opportunity to play somewhere.


Q:        One final question.  If you did happen to get drafted by the Rams, what would that be like to go up against your brother week-in, week-out in practice?

I’m sure it would be a humbling, learning experience!


Q:    For you or for him?

For me!  Have you seen him play?


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