Kawaan Short Discusses Senior Bowl & NFL Future

2013 Senior Bowl NFL Draft
Kawann Short at Senior Bowl game.

Here is my interview with Purdue DT Kawaan Short at the 2013 Senior Bowl practices:

Q:        What does it mean for you to be part of the Senior Bowl process?

It means a lot.  I feel like I still have a lot of stuff to prove.  This week I’m trying to open up more eyes.  I’m trying to be more consistent.  That’s one thing I feel like I need to contribute and do right now.  So this whole week is about being consistent and standing out from others.

Kawann Short at Senior Bowl game.

Short at Senior Bowl game.


Q:        You had a chance to come out of Purdue last year.  What made you go back?

The number one thing was my mom wanted to see me graduate, which I did last December.  I felt like I could have done better.  I got a 3rd round grade last year.  It wasn’t based off anything but just film.  I felt like this year, I knew I could come back another year and just have a great off-season and try and do what I know I could do my senior season.


Q:        What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from former coaches or any players you know who have gone on to the NFL?

Just that everything is being evaluated, from the time you step out of the house to the time you step back in.  A lot of people are watching you, even though they’re not.  And just being focused and being that humble guy, it goes a long way.


Q:        Who would you say was the toughest offensive lineman you ever went up against?

If I had to pick one, I’d say the guy from Penn State this year.  He was real tough and he did a great job against me.


Q:        What two things do you want to show to NFL scouts this week?


That I’m consistent and that I can play in any setting that they put me in.  And that I’m a pass rusher and I can stop the run.


Q:        What would you say is your strongest defensive line position?

I think I’m better at nose tackle.


Q:        Do you have any expectations of what your bench press will be at the combine?

Nah – I don’t.  But, hey – I’m trying to push for 30 plus!


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