Senior Bowl Introductory Press Conference – Justin Pugh from Syracuse

2013 Senior Bowl NFL Draft
Justin Pugh at Senior Bowl practice.

This is an excerpt from OL Justin Pugh’s (from Syracuse) Press Conference, which was part of the Senior Bowl’s Introductory Press Conference on Sunday night:

Question:  What do you hope to get accomplished this week Justin?


Justin Pugh at Senior Bowl practice.

Justin Pugh at Senior Bowl practice.

Hoping to go out there and play against some of the day best competition. I know that the players that are in this game are some of the best in the country, and the Senior bowl is known for having the best players. So I think I I can definitely go out there and show what type of player I am and give the coaches an idea. And also I want to learn a lot, because I mean the coaches are NFL coaches and you can learn a lot from them. So I’m excited about that.

Question:  Was the Syracuse coaching staff change a factor in your decision to come out this year? (Asked Fanspeak’s Steve Shoup)


No it wasn’t. I mean I can of set it up so I could graduate. I knew going into the year that I wanted to graduate to kind of give me the option that I could go either way but have my degree. My mom, being a teacher, she was real big on if I didn’t get my degree, I wasn’t going to be able to come out. So I made sure I took 5 classes over the summer to make sure I graduated in December. And I made my decision before Coach Marrone left for the Bills. But the whole time, he was supportive and he was great about it, and I just can only thank him for that.

Question: What’s your degree in?


Finance. Yeah, so if any of you guys need help with your money, just let me know.


Question:  What’s the best piece of advice you got from the Syracuse coaching staff before coming down to this game? (Asked by Fanspeak’s Steve Shoup)


Its about your mentality — how you’re going to approach the week. If you want to go on, and you want to work hard, and put everything into it, then you’re going to get out whatever you put into it. My coaches said you can’t go down there and think its a time to relax and you know, enjoy yourself. But you want to go out and meet people and show them what kind of kid you are and then you want to go show them what type of player you are. So this is a business trip.

Question: When did you find out you were going to come to the Senior Bowl?


Officially I found out this past week. So I’m down training in Atlanta with Chip Smith. Its great down there and they let me know that I would be able to play in the game —  that finally the NFL and the Senior Bowl were able to come to the criteria we talked about earlier and gave me the OK. I was so excited, I hopped on the first plane down here and got down here as soon as possible.

Question:  Is there one aspect of your game that you maybe heard people criticize that you want to show scouts that its maybe not a weakness this week?


I think something that everyone talks about is maybe my size. I’m not like your protypical 6’8″-6’7″, 350 lbs. left tackle. But I think that what I bring to the table is something that complements my game with my athleticism. And I think I will be able to show that this week in drills.


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