Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Mock Draft – Updated 1/10/2013:


2. Jacksonville Jaguars – LB Jarvis Jones, Georgia

About the Pick: Jones is the best pure pass rusher in this draft class. He’s probably a touch below elite, but should still be considered a top level rusher. He should be good for double digit sacks each season, even as a team’s primary pass rusher. Jones also displays good instincts in run defense and in coverage.

Steve’s Take: The Jaguars need to get more pressure on the quarterback, and while they have needs elsewhere, adding a pass rusher here makes a lot of sense. Jones should be an automatic double digit sack machine, something that is sorely needed for the Jags.


33. Jacksonville Jaguars – RB Monte Ball, Wisconsin


65. Jacksonville Jaguars – OL Kyle Long, Oregon


95. Jacksonville Jaguars – LB Nico Johnson, Alabama


127. Jacksonville- C Mario Benavides, Louisville


158. Jacksonville Jaguars- LB Travis Long, Washington State


191. Jacksonville- CB Mike Edwards, Hawaii


The Jaguars new staff will have a lot of work to do this offseason. While quarterback is high up on the priority list, it may be better for them to look for a short term stopgap instead of reaching for a quarterback. In the first round the Jaguars need to fix their anemic pass rush, and targeting a guy like Jarvis Jones would do just that. Depending on what defense the Jaguars end up running will determine where he plays. In the end he’s a play maker and should be fine wherever he lines up. In the 2nd round I think adding a running back like Montee Ball would be a smart play. The Jaguars offense crumpled without Maurice Jones-Drew this year so some depth would be greatly appreciated. Ball would also allow Jacksonville to explore trading away Jones-Drew who doesn’t seem happy with his situation in Jacksonville, and entering the final year of his deal. Adding Kyle Long would be a great pick-up for this team in the early third round. For as bad as their quarterback play has been the offensive line has been equally as bad with the exception of Eugene Monroe. Jacksonville needs to invest heavily in the offensive line to ensure that whomever the quarterback and running are, they have the best possible chance to succeed.