Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Mock Draft:


14. Carolina Panthers – DT Jonathan Hankins, Ohio State

About the Pick: Hankins has elite tackle ability and plays both the run and pass very well. His strong suit is stopping the run, and he profiles as either a nose tackle in any defensive alignment. His consistency is his one drawback, but not a big enough concern to keep him out of the the first half of round 1.

Steve’s Take: The Panthers defense has some really nice pieces, but they are lacking a true stud defensive tackle. A guy like Hankins could make the rest of their defense so much better by plugging the middle and occupying blocks.



43. Carolina Panthers – WR Terrence Williams, Baylor


96. Carolina Panthers – S Shawn Williams, Georgia


129. Carolina- DT Everett Dawkins, FSU


171. Carolina Panthers- OLB Brandon Sharpe, Syracuse


202. Carolina- OG Sam Brenner, Utah


The Panthers closed out the year very well, and with a couple of smart moves could get into the playoff hunt next season. First order of business would be finally getting a big strong defensive tackle. Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson are two of the best young edge rushers in the game, but up the middle the Panthers are really weak. If they could land a top tier guy like Hankins, it could have a big impact on the rest of this defense. Carolina’s other defensive need is secondary help, particularly at safety, which is where Shawne Williams comes in. Terrence Williams would give the Panthers a great deep threat and a guy who could really help open up this passing attack. Coming from a spread system at Baylor, he could probably quickly interegrate himself into their offense.