Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Mock Draft:

Round 1:

8. Buffalo Bills – LB Manti Te’o, Notre Dame

About the Pick: Manti Te’o is probably the most talented all-around player in this class, though his position will likely keep him out of the top pick. Te’o is a perfect fit for a middle or inside linebacker role, and is versatile enough to play strong side in a 4-3 defense. He is an exceptional run defender with fantastic instincts. He also excels well in coverage, which is becoming a growing concern in the NFL While not considered a strong pass rusher, his natural ability should allow him to get some pressure on the quarterback when asked to.

Steve’s Take: Buffalo needs offense more, but they are very much the type of team that would pick a leader and a star like Te’o. MLB isn’t their biggest need, but it is something they could look to upgrade as they try to take that defense to an elite level.



40. Buffalo Bills- QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse


70. Buffalo Bills – TE Jordan Reed, Florida


101. Buffalo Bills – LB Sean Porter, Texas A&M


136. Buffalo- DE Dominique Easley, Florida


166. Buffalo Bills- WR Alec Lemon, Syracuse


The Bills can use another strong draft class to get them back to contention. While quarterback is a major need, look for them to pass in the first round. Instead new Head Coach Doug Marrone could look to a familiar face in the 2nd round with QB Ryan Nassib. Buffalo should also target a movement TE like Jordan Reed in the middle rounds. In the top round Buffalo should look at LB Manti Te’o, he has star potential and could be the Ray Lewis type of leader this defense needs.