2012 NFL Draft Grades: Seattle Seahawks

Draft Grades NFL Draft

Round 1, Pick 15 (15) (From Eagles)                   Bruce Irvin                  DE                    West Virginia: Grade C-

-This was a really odd pick in terms of value. Irvin is a very talented and natural pass rusher, but he is very much a specialty player at this point. He doesn’t play the run real well or go out in coverage. So you are essentially letting him get exposed or taking your top 15 pick off the field. For him to be successful, he’s going to have to have a huge year in getting after the Quarterback. Irvin also has some off the field concerns which further complicated his draft value.

Round 2, Pick 15 (47) (From Jets)                      Bobby Wagner            ILB                   Utah St.: Grade B

-The Seahawks lost their starting middle linebacker in free agency so adding some help to their linebacking corps was key. Wagner should be a good fit here and I’d expect him to start early. He’s likely to have some early growing pains, but has a lot of long term potential.

Round 3, Pick 12 (75)                                      Russell Wilson             QB                   Wisconsin: Grade C+

-The Seahawks could have used a back-up quarterback, but given their level of needs I wouldn’t have addressed this in the top 3 rounds. Wilson also is a bit of a reach here. He’s a nice QB prospect, but really his likely ceiling is that of a back-up. Not exactly the return you are looking for with a top 75 pick.

Round 4, Pick 11 (106)                                    Robert Turbin              RB                    Utah St.: Grade B+

-Seattle needed to find a complementary back to Lynch and Turbin is a nice value here in the 4th round. He should be Seattle’s number two back and give the Seahawks really good production and depth.

Round 4, Pick 19 (114) (From Eagles)                  Jaye Howard               DT                    Florida: Grade A-

-I love this pick for Seattle, despite it not being a major need. Howard I feel has really good upside, and can be a nice rotational player for a year or two before taking on a starting role. With Alan Branch and Jason Jones slated to be free agents after next season this depth is important.

Round 5, Pick 19 (154) (From Jets)                    Korey Toomer             ILB                   Idaho: Grade C+

-Seattle needed to stock up on 4-3 linebackers, but this is a bit of a reach pick. Now with having so many extra picks it isn’t as big of a concern, but there were more talented players on the board that would have made sense.

Round 6, Pick 2 (172) (From Colts                      Jeremy Lane                CB                    Northwestern St. (La.): Grade B-

-Lane was considered one of the better small school prospects in this draft and fills a position that Seattle was looking to add depth. I wouldn’t expect much early on from Lane, but he has nice future potential.

through Eagles)

Round 6, Pick 11 (181)                                    Winston Guy                DB                   Kentucky: Grade C-

-Seattle needed some depth in their secondary, but Guy is a bit of a reach here. There is a little upside, but their were better options on the board.

Round 7, Pick 18 (225) (From Raiders)               J R Sweezy                   DE                    North Carolina St.: Grade C

-This is a solid pick here. While Sweezy isn’t expected to ever develop into a starter, he could find a role as a depth DL who can play special teams. Not bad for a 7th round pick.

Round 7, Pick 25 (232) (From Broncos               Greg Scruggs               DE                    Louisville: Grade D+

through Jets)

-Scruggs was considered a bit of a reach pick, but he does get high marks in versatility and leadership. Overall he looks like a long term project, who’s best hope is to find a role on the practice squad.

Overall: Grade C+

Seattle did a good job trading back just a couple spots in both the 1st and 2nd rounds to add 4 late round picks. My issue with this draft is it seemed that they reached on a number of players including first rounder Bruce Irvin. I know people will make the Aldon Smith was a situational player argument, but that had more to do with the 49ers impressive depth, and not out of necessity. While Seattle hit a number of needs and found some solid guys, there are too many guys they overvalued here, meaning this could be a high risk draft.

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