Ten Guys to Watch For In the Senior Bowl:

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Senior Bowl week has come to an end, meaning now it is time to look at what players to watch in this afternoon’s game. Here are 5 players from each team to keep an eye on:

North Team:

1. QB Kirk Cousins, Michigan State:

-Cousins has had a really good week of practice and is moving his way up draft boards. He’s shown a solid arm, with nice accuracy and an ability to throw on the move. He’s got good mobility, and shows well as a leader on the North team. He’s a smart kid, who might not have the highest ceiling, but his floor should be that of a decent back-up quarterback. At worst he’s a third round pick right now, but he’s definitely trending upwards.

2. OT Mike Adams, Ohio State:

-Mike Adams has been the most impressive offensive lineman here this week. His size, strength and quickness all scream Franchise Left tackle, now the issue becomes if he can reach that ceiling. His form is sloppy at times, and he’s not always the most consistent, but he’d be an excellent addition at RT and should be at least a top 15 LT. Adams will get a good test today, as he faces off vs the elite pass rushers of the South squad.

3. DT Mike Martin, Michigan State:

-Martin has really been impressive this week, showcasing excellent leverage and push, and dominating the line of scrimmage. He stays low and fights to the whistle on every snap in practice. While he’s not considered an ‘elite’ prospect, he’s a pretty safe bet to make an impact at the next level given his work ethic and character.

4. CB Leonard Johnson, Iowa State:

-Johnson came into this All-star game slightly undersized, but he makes up for his lack of height with good ball skills and a willingness to get physical with receivers. Johnson has shown good instincts this week, and looks very fluid in drills. More than one wide receiver down here has said that Johnson is the toughest corner to go up against. He’s a nice mid-round CB, with the upside to develop into a high quality starter.

5. WR Brian Quick, App. State:

-Quick came into this week fairly unheralded, but leaves with his stock rising about as much as any other player. He’s got a great size and build, and shows good speed out there. His athleticism is off the charts and he displays very strong hands. Now he’s still a bit raw overall, and doesn’t run the cleanest routes, but the talent is there.

South Team:

1. QB Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State:

-Weeden came into this week with most of the talk being about his age, but he should be leaving this week with most of it about his performance. He’s looked really good in all the drills, and has shown leadership qualities and a quick understanding of brand new system. He should be an early starter at the next level, and given his talent the age issue shouldn’t be a major factor.

2. DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina:

-No player on either team has looked as good as Ingram has this week. He has simply been unstoppable in pass rushing drills, making more than one offensive lineman look fairly ordinary. He’s shown a variety of moves and impressive speed and power. This week not only has cemented his 1st round status, but could very well make him the top pass rusher taken in the draft.

3. RB Chris Rainey, Florida:

-Chris Rainey was somewhat of an afterthought back here, as unlike nearly all of his fellow running backs, he was not a primary ball carrier in college or a 1,000 yard rusher. Rainey has answered those questions by simply wowing everyone here. He’s shown excellent burst and speed, while running with good vision. Rainey has also impressed with his willingness to workout as a WR and help the team in a number of ways. He’s a utility player at the next level, but probably a very good one.

4. LB Zach Brown, North Carolina:

-This is a pretty strong class of OLB’s and Brown needed a good week to really solidify his top 50 status, and I think that is exactly what he did. Brown showed nice instincts and speed. He was all over the field and even showed some nice pass rush ability. He looks to be a great fit in a 4-3 system.

5. S Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State:

-Martin isn’t the most well known safety in Mobile, but I think he quietly had the most consistent week. He didn’t make many eye opening plays in practice, but he also rarely made a mistake. He shows ability to help both in the box and in center field. He might fly under the radar somewhat, but looks to be a very good starter at the next level for some team.

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