2012 Senior Bowl: South Team Practice: Wednesday

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Quick Updates from Wednesday South Practice:

-QB Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State: Weeden continued to separate himself from the other South quarterbacks. He’s not perfect out there, but his instincts appear to be the best. I also get the sense that he has the best internal clock of getting rid of the ball.

-QB Nick Foles, Arizona: I thought Foles was better today, but still not as good as Monday’s practice. He threw behind receivers on a couple of occasions and continues to struggle at throwing to a spot as opposed to an open receiver.

-QB Ryan Lindley, San Diego State: Lindley’s cannon is unquestionable, but at times it seems like his nickname should be ‘Wild Thing’. The ball sails a lot on him.

-WR Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M: Fuller didn’t have as strong of a practice as I hoped, but he makes up for his drops with some big catches later in practice. Consistency is a slight concern, but Fuller’s size and strength are impressive.

-WR Juron Criner, Arizona: The lack of that extra gear is noticeable at times, but he catches the ball cleanly and presents a big target for his quarterback.

-WR Joe Adams, Arkansas: Adams is lightening fast and changes direction really well. He ran some nice crisp routes I thought, and had a strong practice overall.

-RB Vic Ballard, Miss. State: Ballard showcases a real nice burst and hits the hole hard. He’s always keeping his legs churning. I was really impressed with his form in blitz pick-up drills. He stonewalled a number of top LB’s.

-RB Terrance Ganaway, Baylor: Runs really well, but was completely lost in blitz pick-up. He did everything wrong, lunged, lowered his head, didn’t set his feet, etc.

-C Ben Jones, Georgia: Jones is really struggling at both guard and center, not impressed with his anchor at all. He was allowing pressure in under 2 seconds at times. He also missed an assignment badly in team drills.

-T/G Jeff Allen, Illinois: Allen looked really good today, especially when asked to play inside. He could still be a RT long term, but versatility is huge for his draft status. He finished a number of blocks and pancaked Coples at one point.

-T Matt McCants, UAB: McCants gets better with every practice, but he still loses too many battles to the South’s pass rushers.

-DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina: His quickness off the snap is apparent on every play, and it really causes a number of linemen to struggle to contain him.

-DE Malik Jackson, Tennessee: Jackson was a late add, but he is making the most of his opportunity. He generated a number of pressures today, and looked nearly as good as the ‘big 3’ at the defensive end position. Also showed a real good work ethic and was complimented at least once by the D-line coach.


I’ll be back with more updates later tonight!

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