2012 Senior Bowl: South Practice-Full Report

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FULL thoughts from today’s Senior Bowl South Practice:


Brandon Weeden, Ok. State:

Weeden is really separating himself from the rest of the quarterbacks down in Mobile. In addition to showing good velocity and accuracy with his throws, he stands out due to his maturity as well. He appears to be communicating the best with his receivers and backs, making sure they lineup properly and acknowledging them when they make great catches. Just really looks to be a leader on the field.

Nick Foles, Arizona:

Foles took a step back today overall. He shows a strong deep ball, but his accuracy was off today and many of his passes sailed out of bounds. Overall I thought his footwork was really solid today, but his release was slow today and not very impressive. While his slower delivery might not be as much of a problem in practice where the defensive linemen, aren’t supposed to hit the QB, it won’t fly in the NFL. Foles needs to rebound the rest of the week to be considered a top 5 QB option.

Ryan Lindley, San Diego State:

Lindley is just too inaccurate and inconsistent at this point. Today he’d make one perfect throw and then miss on the next two or three (badly) which were much easier throws to make. Really seemed to struggle on timing routes, and waited too long for his receiver to come open.


Chris Rainey, Florida:

Now Rainey deserves mention at both RB and WR as he split time at both positions (as well as being a returner). He showed excellent speed and really nice catching ability. His burst is really nice and he looks like he has the ability to make players miss.

Vick Ballard, Miss. State:

Ballard ran really strong today, he showed nice burst through the hole, and really finished runs. He didn’t look as comfortable catching the ball, but does look like he can be a nice back at the next level.

Terrance Ganaway, Baylor:

Ganaway caught a couple of nice balls out of the backfield early, before dropping an easy one later. He showed nice burst and vision on running plays, but really excelled in the power department. Dropped his head once on a blocking assignment and got run over, but overall decent in the area.


Juron Criner, Arizona:

Criner just had a fantastic day. He caught everything thrown his way including multiple highlight reel catches. He got better separation in the 1-on-1 and team drills than i expected and really turned some heads today. Might not run the fastest 40 time, but has nice football speed.

Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M:

Fuller made two really nice catches on the first two throws he saw, and it looked like he was going to build on his impressive first day, but after that he went down hill. Fuller had a couple of bad drops through out the practice and while he made a few nice catches, it wasn’t a great all-around day. I still like Fuller overall, but in a really strong receiver class a bad day like that will drop you a little bit.

Patrick Edwards, Houston:

Edwards really struggled yesterday, but rebounded with a nice all-around practice. He looked real clean in getting out of his breaks and did a better job of catching the ball away from his body.

Dwight Jones, UNC:

Jones really had a strong day, both in catching the ball and in his clean route running. He looks to have good speed and is taking advantage of his opportunity here.


OT Matt McCants, UAB:

McCants still didn’t have a great day, but he looked light years better than yesterday. It’s important to remember that McCants is consistently going up against top 15 talents, Quinton Coples, Melvin Ingram, and Courtney Upshaw. So an average day against them is still pretty impressive. I saw greatly improved footwork by McCants, but his rawness is still apparent.

OT Zebrie Sanders, FSU:

Sanders was another lineman who improved today. He still struggles to anchor consistently, especially against the top rushers. Seems more comfortable on run blocking plays, and flashes enough to say that he could start early (on the right side), but I want to see more strength in his game.

OT Jeff Allen, Illinois:

Allen improved today and showed nice footwork and a decent anchor. He’s not an elite prospect, but does look like an eventual starter at the next level.

T/G Cordy Glenn, Georgia:

Glenn worked at both guard and tackle again today, and really continued to show that he is the best lineman on the South squad. His long term position will probably be on the inside (where he just dominates), but he really held his own at tackle against some great competition.

C Phillp Blake, Baylor:

Blake had a good day today, and an improvement from yesterday’s solid performance. He anchored well, and showed nice footwork. Overall i think he’s been the most consistent (maybe not the best) interior line prospect on the South squad (if you are counting Glenn as a tackle).

C Ben Jones, Georgia:

Didn’t get to key in on Jones as much today, and while I’d say it was better, it was still a disappointing performance from what I saw. Gives up too much ground in the middle and just looks overwhelmed at times.


CB: Casey Hayward, Vanderbilt:

Hayward really seems to be taking to the Redskins coaching staff extremely well. Displays a lot of leadership out there on the field helping teammates get into the right position and talking to them inbetween plays about what they need to work on. While there is a general concern about his deep speed, he never really got ‘beat’ throughout the day. Hayward also showed a good bit of physicality today, which helped him cover some of the bigger receivers. If I’m a betting man, I’d say that if Raheem Morris has any influence in the draft Hayward will be a Redskin come next April (probably with the 3rd round pick).

CB: Dwight Bentley, Louisiana-Lafayette:

Bentley is one of the most impressive players on either squad. Not necessarily because he’s going to be an early round draft pick, but rather because he always seems to be making plays. Bentley had another strong practice and should really be moving up draft boards with his performance this week. He doesn’t let the big receivers on the South squad bother him, and really forces them to work at it.

CB: Brandon Boykin, Georgia:

Despite being on the small side Boykin has no problem mixing it up with the bigger receivers on the South Squad. I really like Boykin’s energy and the way he works with coaches. He might never be a top level starting CB, but should be able to work the slot.

S Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State:

Martin really shows advanced instincts and ball skills. I like the angles that he takes to the ball carrier, and in coverage he breaks on the ball pretty cleanly.

S Brandon Taylor, LSU:

Not quick on reacting to the pass, which allowed for some big catches underneath. Does better in more of a man role. Really excels in the run game though.

S Antonio Allen, South Carolina:

Really up and down day. Missed a couple of coverage assignments early, but he rebounded as practice wore on. Made some nice plays and really took to the Redskins coaching staff with some of the tips they were giving.


DT Jaye Howard, Florida:

Howard is having an impressive week so far, showing a lot of penetration and push up the middle. Will be interested to see how he works coming off the end in a 3-4 scheme, but definitely looks like he can handle the 3-tech.

DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina:

Ingram didn’t have as great of a day as yesterday, but still looked like a top 15 pick (which shows just how amazing he was yesterday). Ingram is just tenacious in his pursuit of the quarterback, and will find a place to play in the NFL regardless of his size.

DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina:

Really impressive coming off the edge. Has answered any questions about his motor in my book. Gave offensive linemen fits all day.

DE Courtney Upshaw, Alabama:

Continues to be a relentless pass rusher. Really strong at the point of a attack, though best when rushing from a 2 point stance. Uses his hands well, and counter’s linemen pretty easily.

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