Senior Bowl South Team: Monday Practice Report

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SOUTH Report Monday Practice:

 55     Acho, Emmanuel     LB     Texas

-showed good closing speed on a couple of  plays. Nice recognition as well.

4     Adams, Joe     WR      Arkansas

-Really good speed, looks to be under 4.4

26    Allen, Antonio     DB     South Carolina

-came up in run support on a couple of plays took good angles to the ball carrier. Not great in man coverage, but held his own.

72     Allen, Jeff     OL     Illinois

-Looks good out there, but footwork a problem sometimes. Gets too wide of a base. When Allen shows good footwork and balance he’s good, the problem is he isn’t consistent in this area.

28     Ballard, Vick     RB     Mississippi State

-Ran well, would like to see him catch the ball more cleanly, but not a major concern.

5     Bentley, Dwight     DB     Louisiana-Lafayette

-despite being one of the smaller players here, he showed that he had no problem getting physical with bigger receivers and staying with them. Really impressed me with how tight his coverage was on a few plays.

91     Bequette, Jake     LB     Arkansas

Is standing up at LB, could get some interesting looks in a 3-4 alignment.

61     Blackwell, Will     OL     LSU

-Got beat bad on a couple of plays, recovered well later in practice, but he doesn’t look nearly consistent enough.

74     Blake, Philip     OL     Baylor

-Did struggle at times, but also anchored well in some one-on-one’s. Good hand placement overall, need to get set quicker as defenders get into his body quickly.

2     Boykin, Brandon     DB     Georgia

-Fast, looks like he can run with everyone. Dealing with some bigger receivers a bit of a problem, but showed nice ball skills overall.

13     Bradham, Nigel     LB      Florida St.

-very good football speed, he seemed to be around the ball on every play that he was in there.

40     Branch, Andre     DL     Clemson

-Not in attendance, not sure what the issue is, wasn’t there for day 1 practice.

70     Brown, James     OL     Troy

-Really struggled on the edge. Just didn’t have the quickness to set the edge, and was getting overpowered. Did better on some snaps while in the interior, but still not a great day.

47     Brown, Zach     LB     North Carolina

-Another fast linebacker, showed good instincts day one.

29     Bullock, Randy     PK     Texas A&M

-Was booming kicks right down the middle

13     Butler, Drew     P     Georgia

-Nice hangtime and distance on a number of punts

90     Coples, Quinton     DL     North Carolina

-Impressive, simply unblockable at times. He had some really good battles with Cordy Glenn and he won more than his fair share. Even when he was contained, he continued to fight and push the pocket.

82     Criner, Juron     WR     Arizona

-Looked really clean getting in and out of his breaks. Showed good hands.

30     Diehl, Chad     RB     Clemson

-caught the ball well a couple of times, nice blocking as well.

83     Edwards, Patrick     WR     Houston

-very fast in and out of his breaks, dropped a couple balls though

8     Foles, Nick     QB     Arizona

-Really impressive practice. Threw the ball cleanly. Looked good taking the ball from center, and in his various drops. Went through his reads quickly, showed a good ability to buy time vs a tough pass rush, and usually hit the receiver in stride or on the numbers.

87     Fuller, Jeff     WR     Texas A&M

-Adjusted to the ball really well, got nice separation on a couple of passes. Good speed for a bigger receiver.

24     Ganaway, Terrance     RB     Baylor

-Runs strong, always keeps the legs moving. Showed good burst though the hole as well. Not great deep speed, but doesn’t lose much speed when changing directions.

71     Glenn, Cordy     OL     Georgia

-Glenn struggled early on in practice against some of the top pass rushers, but really came on as practice wore on. Was pretty easily the best OL on the south squad. Plays with good leverage and power.

32     Gray, Cyrus     RB     Texas A&M

-Looked like he ran well early, but had to pull out of the SB due to failing a physical.

89     Green, Ladarius     TE     Louisiana-Lafayette

-Impressive athlete and can really catch the ball. Didn’t look as good in run blocking though.

62     Harris, Josh     DS     Auburn

19     Hayward, Casey     DB     Vanderbilt

-Had better speed than I thought, ran well with WR’s

96     Howard, Jaye     DL    Florida

-Better power than I expected in the middle of the line. Really can push the pocket. Need to show better counter moves to disengage to get after the ball carrier. High motor guy.

6     Ingram, Melvin     DL     South Carolina

-Easily the best player on the field (and that is saying somthing), Non-stop motor guy, Absolutely relentless at getting after the passer. Really didn’t see him get cleanly blocked all practice. At times he might not have gotten to the QB, but it was only after deep penetration, which would probably at least be a pressure in an NFL game. Displayed great power and speed, and just was simply dominant.

1     Jenkins, Janoris     DB     North Alabama

-Ran well with the WR’s, showed good ball skills and decent instincts.

94     Jerod-Eddie, Tony     DL     Texas A&M

-A late add, but making the most of his opportunity. Worked a lot on the outside, and should get some 3-4 end looks. Showed good strength and power and won a number of battles.

60     Jones, Ben     OL     Georgia

-Struggled some through out the day. Really couldn’t handle power rushes without giving up 4-6 yards. He continued to battle well, but not impressive for a guy considered to be a top 75 pick.

85     Jones, Dwight     WR     North Carolina

-Got some nice clean releases, you can tell he’s used to a pro style offense. Really nice route runner, and stayed in control.

17     Lindley, Ryan     QB     San Diego St.

-Lindley has a serious cannon for an arm, and even short passes can dial up the RPM’s to fit it in a tight window. Consistency an issue though as some of this throws are well off the mark. Good size and decent mobility (though below Foles and Weeden).

10     Martin, Markelle     DB     Oklahoma St.

-Really good instincts and help in the run game. Showed a lot in box today.

1     Maze, Marquis     WR     Alabama

-Nice speed and hands, size still an issue though lost some physical battles with CB’s

76     McCants, Matt     OL     UAB

-Def. looks the part, but he was exposed today. He just couldn’t handle the top pass rushers here, and would try to overcompensate (which didn’t work too well). Caught guessing too often and overmatched. Did better in team drills, but def. a work in progress. Footwork was really sloppy and needs to be tightened up.

24     Menzie, DeQuan     DB     Alabama

-Solid day, ran well with WR’s

19     Peterson, Deangelo     TE     LSU

-Caught the ball cleanly, showed nice speed, needs to be a stronger blocker.

92     Powell, Tydreke     DL     North Carolina

-Showed nice power, despite not high expectations. Even gave Ben Jones trouble on a number of plays. Needs to get quicker off the snap and counter better, but nice first day.

2     Rainey, Chris     RB     Florida

-FAST, showed great burst all day.Played bigger than he is. Not an every down back, but can be a change of pace guy.

93     Randall, Kheeston     DL     Texas

-Displayed good power, gave the interior line fits on a number of plays. Needs more consistency, but nice first day.

51     Robinson, Keenan     LB     Texas

-Looked the part, good all-around day, though didn’t stand out in any one area.

77     Sanders, Zebrie     OL     Florida St.

-Looks like an NFL LT, but he did struggle for much of day against the speed of the pass rush. Looked better in the full scrimmage and run blocking.

44     Smelley, Brad     TE     Alabama

31     Spence, Sean    LB     Miami

4     Street, Ryan     DB     Furman

-Surprisingly physical, nice first day

18     Taylor, Brandon     DB     LSU

98     Thompson, Brandon     DL     Clemson

-very Powerful, really tough to block 1-on-1, definitely a force in the middle of a defense.

41     Upshaw, Courtney     DL     Alabama

-Very impressive day, unblockable for much of the practice, especially on the pass rush plays.

Vlachos, William     OL     Alabama

3     Weeden, Brandon     QB     Oklahoma St.

-Weeden had a really good first day, looked better from under center and in the various drops. Spun the ball cleanly with really nice touch on a number of passes. Avoided the rush well and looked nice on a couple of rollouts.

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