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33. Miami Dolphins- CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech

The Dolphins cornerbacks have constantly gotten beat this year, and they could use a first rate upgrade. Hosley has first round talent and is a great fit here at the top of round 2. He should be able to start from Day one, and has the upside of another former Tech corner, DeAngelo Hall.

34. Indianapolis Colts- DT Devon Still, Penn State

The Colts need to find some help in the middle, and Still looks to be the best DT available at this point. A big time defensive tackle will help make the Colts undersized LB’s relevant again.

35. Denver Broncos- QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M 

The Broncos fans may love Tim Tebow now, but it is apparent the coaching staff isn’t sold (and for good reason) which should make Denver quite interested in some of the top signal callers next April. The Broncos get a special player here in Tannehill, who I see steadily moving up draft charts. While he might not be considered in the same category as Barkley or Jones, he probably should be. He has tremendous upside, and if they give him time he should reward their patience.

36. St. Louis Rams- DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan State 

The Rams could go in a number of directions, but adding a stopper in the middle would be huge. Worthy would be an instant upgrade in the interior and should help improve that entire defense.

37. Seattle Seahawks- RB LaMichael James, Oregon

The Seahawks need to add a big play back, and James is the best in the business. He gives Barkley a young back to develop with and provide the Seahawks with a weapon to balance out the power attack of Marshawn Lynch (assuming he re-signs).

38. Jacksonville Jaguars- OG Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State

They landed their big play receiver in round one, but they need to add more help to Gabbert in round two. Osemele is a top level guard and should help both Gabbert and MJD be more effective.

39.  Philadelphia Eagles (via Arizona)- SS Ray Ray Armstrong, Miami

The Eagles don’t have a ton of needs, but one of their top areas of concern is finding a long term answer at SS. Armstrong could be that answer as he has the upside to be an elite player. While he is not fully disciplined, the potential is there and he’d be a nice pick up for them at this point.

40. Minnesota Vikings- WR Nick Toon, Wisconsin

The Vikings need to add some receivers for Ponder to grow with, and Toon would be a great fit here in the 2nd round. He’s not in a pass heavy offense, but Toon is the real deal, and could develop into a number 1 receiver down the road.

41. Washington Redskins- OT Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State

The Redskins need to add a ton of help along the offensive line, and Adcock would be a good start. While he has some LT potential, he could start off at RT for the Skins, and help ensure their investment in Robert Griffin. Adcock would be an immediate upgrade over Jamaal Brown, who has just been a trainwreck on the right side for them.

42. Cleveland Browns- CB Jonathan Banks, Mississippi State-

The Browns don’t have a huge need for a CB here, but I love Banks upside and could see him as a nice fit in Cleveland. He’s a tall, physical corner, who displays advanced ball skills and should help them shut down opposing passing attacks.

43. Carolina Panthers- OG Barrett Jones, Alabama

The Panthers need to strengthen that offensive line to keep their triple running threat going forward, and give Newton more time in the pocket. Jones is a great fit here, and has very good potential.

44. Kansas City Chiefs- OT Mike Adams, Ohio State-

The Chiefs need to get better play from their RT spot, and Adams  would be a fantastic option here. He’s got fantastic upside, and is a great power blocker.

45. Tennessee Titans- DE Donte Paige Moss, UNC

The Titans need to get a better pass rush, and that is where Moss comes in. He’s an active pass rusher, who excels at getting after the quarterback. He does need to get better in run support, but he’s a solid 2nd round pick.

46. Chicago Bears- C Peter Konz, Wisconsin

The Bears need to beef up that line, and Konz is a great value here if he comes out. He’s the type of center that could anchor the line for the next decade and should be a welcomed sight in Chicago.

47. Atlanta Flacons- OG Cordy Glenn, Georgia

The Falcons are missing Harvey Dahl in the interior of their line, and Glenn would be a great replacement here. Matt Ryan has faced too much pressure and that has to change for Atlanta to be successful.

48. Dallas Cowboys- C Ben Jones, Georgia

The Cowboys interior line has been pathetic this year. Jones would give them an immediate upgrade at center, and has future Pro Bowl potential.

49. Cincinnati Bengals- OLB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

With Manny Lawson a free agent (and not a great fit for the defense) the Bengals could look to add a LB early. Lewis would be a good fit here and would keep that defense strong.

50. New York Giants- RB Lamar Miller, Miami

The Giants are likely parting ways with Brandon Jacobs this offseason, meaning they will need to find a complement to Ahmad Bradshaw. While Miller isn’t really a completely different back, he gives the Giants another weapon in their backfield, which should be their primary concern. This is a good value pick for him here.

51. New York Jets- WR Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers

The Jets need to add another big target for when Plaxico Burress hangs them up. Sanu is a nice fit here, as he looks to be a playmaker at the next level.

52. New England Patriots (via Oakland)- WR Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

The Patriots like finding weapons and that is exactly what Broyles is. He should thrive in the spread out, quick pass offense the Patriots run, and has the speed and elusiveness to make plays in the open field.

53. Philadelphia Eagles-OLB Lavonte David, Nebraska

The Eagles need to keep strengthening their defense, and David would join with Te’o to revamp Philly’s linebacking corps.

54. Buffalo Bills- CB Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina

The Bills have done well this year, but they need to keep bolstering that defense. Gilmore has big play potential, and could develop into a top notch corner. He’s not consistent enough right now, but this is a good upside pick here.

55. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DT Christian Tupou, USC

The Bucs need to get help in the interior, and Tupou is a guy who is rising right now. This could be a slight reach for him, but I like his upside and think he’d be the perfect fit for that line.

56. Houston Texans- WR Dwight Jones, UNC

The Texans need a complement to Andre Johnson, and Jones is a great option here. He has big play potential as well, and should thrive playing opposite Johnson.

57. San Diego Chargers- TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson

Antonio Gates is getting up there with age and injuries, and Allen could be his replacement going forward. Not to mention with the new fad of two TE sets, Allen and Gates could do a lot of damage when on the field together.

58. Detroit Lions- OT Andrew Datko, FSU

Datko has some injury issues that need checking out, but if he is cleared medically this could be a steal.

59. San Francisco 49ers- WR Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M

Braylon Edwards is a free agent so a replacement will need to be found.

60. Baltimore Ravens- OG Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin

Ben Grubbs is a free agent this season, and if he isn’t resigned they will need to replace him in the draft. The Ravens keep adding to their line here, but it is a smart play for them.

61. New Orleans- DT Kawaan Short, Purdue

The Saints could lose two of their top 3 DT’s this offseason, making a guy like Short important to their future.

62. New England Patriots- NT Dontari Poe, Memphis

The Patriots again aren’t likely to keep all these picks, but if they do, how do they pass up a NT. Wilfork might only have a few years left, and in the meantime he can fit in the rotation and really improve that run defense.

63.  Pittsburgh Steelers- OT Zebrie Sanders, FSU

The Steelers need to upgrade their offensive line if they want to keep Big Ben healthy. Sanders could fit in at either tackle spot. While he could be a bit raw as a rookie I still think he could end up starting.

64. Green Bay Packers- DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina

The Packers really need to upgrade their pass rush, and Ingram could be a good fit here. While some will say he is too small to play in a 3-4 system, they aren’t watching the same tape that I see. It doesn’t matter where Ingram lines up, as he is always making plays. He could add a little bulk, but overall I think he’ll be fine.

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