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Draft Grades NFL Draft


2. Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M: Miller is one of the top three players from this draft class and he should make an instant impact on the Broncos defense. He’s not a perfect fit in the 4-3 but I think he is good enough to still make a major impact.

45. Rahim Moore, S, UCLA: I like this Moore pick as the Broncos safeties were pretty bad last season, and Moore has big play ability.

46. Orlando Franklin, OG, Miami: The Broncos could look to make Franklin a RT to replace Ryan Harris, but I’d probably keep him inside. Either way he is a nice value pick here and should help make this offense better.

67. Nate Irving, ILB, North Carolina State: The Broncos had basically zero talent at the linebacker position and Irving has starting potential. This was probably a bit of a reach pick, but still could have some nice value.

108. Quinton Carter, S, Oklahoma: This is a bit of a surprise pick because Carter seems like a FS at the next level, which is exactly what Moore is. It’s great value at this spot, but unless one of them can play SS, this could be a waste.

129. Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State: The Broncos needed a lot of help for their TE position and found a potential solution in Thomas. He is a rising player and I think he will be a good value pick.

189. Mike Mohamed, ILB, California: I was never a big fan of Mohamed and it seemed like an odd pick since they had already drafted Irving. He could have value on special teams, but that is probably about it.

204. Virgil Green, TE, Nevada: I have no problem with the Broncos grabbing a 2nd TE here. I thought Green was a 4th or 5th round TE and the Broncos got him with a 7th round pick.

247. Jeremy Beal, DE, Oklahoma: Not a bad place for Beal, who at one point looked like a top 100 player. He might never be a starter, but I think he is a good pick at this point.


The Broncos addressed a number of their defensive woes, and got some great players in Von Miller and Rahim Moore. Franklin and Irving were nice pickups as well. I think the Broncos did well grabbing a pair of quality pass catching tight ends which should help Tim Tebow develop. My biggest question is why didn’t the Broncos address their biggest need at defensive tackle? Denver has zero in the way of DT talent and them not grabbing one in the top 3 rounds I think was a major mistake.



26. Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh: I love this pick for the Chiefs. Kansas City needed another big target to go along with Dwayne Bowe. Baldwin I think is just as good as a receiver as Julio Jones, and they got him 20 picks later. In addition the Chiefs were able to move back and pick up a high 3rd rounder for their troubles.

55. Rodney Hudson, OC, Florida State: Another great pick for the Chiefs here. Hudson should be able to start right away at guard or center, and is an excellent value at the end of the 2nd round.

70. Justin Houston, DE, Georgia: Earlier in the draft process Houston was probably on the Chiefs shortlist for the first round, so getting him here 50 picks later is an absolute steal. Houston has big time potential as a pass rusher and I think he gives Kansas City a great value here.

86. Allen Bailey, DE, Miami: Another great value pick for the Chiefs. Bailey was a borderline 2nd round talent and getting him at the end of the 3rd is a steal. He should fit in as a 5 technique, and get a fair amount of snaps as a rookie.

118: Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado: The Chiefs grab a good CB here, who was undervalued because he played next to Jimmy Smith. This is a solid 4th round pick and he could be a nickel corner.

135. Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa: I love this pick for Kansas City, as I don’t see a huge difference between Stanzi and the 7 QB’s taken in the top 80 picks. Cassel hasn’t proven that he is the future of the Franchise, so Stanzi is a great pick here.

140. Gabe Miller, OLB, Oregon State: Miller is another good depth pick here. He has some rush LB potential, but will likely be a special teamer.

199. Jerrell Powe, DT, Mississippi: The Chiefs desperately needed a NT, and this is a great value for Powe and he should at least be a rotational player.

223. Shane Bannon, RB, Yale: Bannon has some upside and he could be a decent FB, power back going forward.


This was a fantastic draft for the Chiefs, they completely revamped their defense and added a big play receiver and stud interior lineman. I think the Chiefs got three instant starters and another three rotational players, plus a developmental quarterback. Kansas City did everything they had to do with this draft and they should remain a contender in the West.


48.  Stefen Wisniewski, OC, Penn State: This might have been a slight reach, but Wisniewski makes too much sense here. I think he is an instant starter for the Raiders and will help improve one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

81. Demarcus Van Dyke, CB, Miami: With the Raiders losing Asomugha this offseason, they had to get some help at the CB position.

92. Joe Barksdale, OT, LSU: I love this pick for the Raiders, Barksdale has a big time upside and could be a starting RT for the Raiders this season.

113. Chimdi Chekwa, CB, Ohio State: Another good addition to their defensive backfield. I think Chekwa has some big time upside and could be a starter.

125. Taiwan Jones, RB, Eastern Washington: Running back wasn’t a major need, but Jones has exceptional speed and he could be a nice value pick here.

148. Denarius Moore, WR, Tennessee: Although the Raiders have spent a ton of picks of late on receivers not too many of them have panned out, meaning this could be a solid pick.

181. Richard Gordon, TE, Miami: This was a bit of a surprise as Gordon was more of a blocking tight end and the Raiders needed another pass catching TE.

241. David Ausberry, WR, USC: This seems like a reach pick, but in the 7th round you never know.


Overall I didn’t like giving up a 2nd round pick to the Patriots but Oakland did grab Barksdale and Jones with those picks, and that isn’t too bad. I like the Raiders grabbing a pair of linemen and two corners as well. I thought Oakland filled some needs while taking their traditional RB and WR’s later.



18. Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois: While there are some questions about whether he is a true 5 technique, I love this pick for the Chargers. Liuget is a penetrator and should cause havoc for opposing O-lines.

50. Marcus Gilchrist, CB, Clemson: This is probably a slight reach, but Gilchrist is a nice value pick here. He can help both at CB and FS, and should give the Chargers a lot of value.

61. Jonas Mouton, OLB, Michigan: I don’t get this pick at all. Mouton was maybe a 5th round talent at best yet the Chargers are taking him in the 2nd round.

82. Vincent Brown, WR, San Diego State: I do like this pick for the Chargers as I really think Brown is a great value pick here. He catches everything thrown his way and should be a nice slot option for Rivers.

89. Shareece Wright, CB, USC: This is a slight reach, but could have some value down the road for the Chargers.

183. Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut: I think this is one of the Chargers best picks of the draft. Todman should be a nice change of pace back for the Chargers and give them good value at this spot.

201. Steve  Schilling, OG, Michigan: Another good late round pick for the Chargers. Schilling has some starting potential and should strengthen their line.

234. Andrew Gachkar, OLB, Missouri: This is a decent late round pick as the Chargers did need to upgrade their LB’ing corps.


Despite the Chargers  having two 2nd and two 3rd round picks I thought they had one of the worst drafts this year. I really don’t understand not addressing the RT or rush linebacker positions (sorry I don’t think Mouton counts). San Diego had a chance to add a number of impact players, and instead they picked one good player, and a couple potential contributors.


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