Indianapolis Colts: Offseason Needs

NFL Draft Team Needs

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Draft Picks:

Rd 1, Pick 22 (22)
Rd 2, Pick 21 (53)
Rd 3, Pick 23 (87)
Rd 4, Pick 22 (119)
Rd 5, Pick 21 (152)
Rd 6, Pick 23 (188)


1. Offensive Tackle: The Colts offensive line fell apart last season and the main culprit was their two offensive tackles. The Colts should look to upgrade both tackle spots in this draft with at least one pick coming in their top two rounds.

2. Defensive Tackle: Indianapolis has one of the worst starting pair of Defensive Tackles in the league and they need to find an immediate upgrade. Look for Indy to add at least one tackle in this draft and my guess is they will target one in the top 3 rounds.

3. Guard: Adding tackles isn’t the only remedy the Colts offensive line needs, as they have a major hole at guard as well. Indy should look to draft a mid-round guard who at least has a chance of starting as a rookie.

4. Safety: With Bob Sanders leaving the Colts are pretty thin at the safety spot, and will likely look for some depth later in this draft.

5. Linebacker depth: Indy has decent starters, but they lack much depth in their linebacking corps. I think the Colts will add a LB late in the draft to help secure the future of this position.

6. Running back: The Colts have some serious questions at the tailback position as oft-injured Joesph Addai is a free agent and Donald Brown (who hasn’t been immune to injuries either) has yet to prove himself worthy of his first round draft status. Indy could look for a mid-late round back who can become part of their rotation.

7. Wide Receiver: Last year the Colts receivers suffered a number of serious injuries which really hurt Indy’s offense. Furthermore Reggie Wayne is getting up there in age, and could be starting to slow down. The Colts could look to draft another mid-late round receiver and develop like they have in the past.

8. Quarterback: Indy doesn’t need a quarterback as Peyton Manning is still the top quarterback in the league, but it is not too soon to think about a contingency plan. I don’t think the Colts would draft a guy early, but come the 5th round or later they might bite at a quarterback with upside.


The Colts have some pressing needs along the offensive line and at defensive tackle, but beyond that this team is still built to compete. Look for the Colts to potentially trade back in the first round if the OT they are targeting isn’t there.

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