New York Jets: Offseason Needs

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Draft Picks:

Rd 1, Pick 30 (30)
Rd 3, Pick 30 (94)
Rd 4, Pick 29 (126)
Rd 5, Pick 30 (161)
Rd 6, Pick 29 (194)
Rd 7, Pick 5 (208)


1. Defensive End: The Jets are likely to lose Shaun Ellis to free agency this offseason, which will leave a big hole at defensive end for New York. The Jets should look to add an end with their first couple of picks to make sure that there isn’t too much of a void there for teams to exploit next season.

2. Outside Linebacker: New York hasn’t had a true impact pass rusher despite having one of the best defenses these past two years. If they can add one big play pass rusher, everyone else on defense will see their numbers go up as well since teams can no longer focus on them.

3. Wide Receiver: Both Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes are free agents this offseason, and given some of their other free agents, I don’t know if New York can resign both players. Mark Sanchez’s development has been shaky enough that I don’t know if the Jets can afford to lose one of there pass catchers. If there is any concern about the ability to afford both Edwards/Holmes the Jets have to look to draft a WR early.

4. Nose Tackle: Kris Jenkins has gotten injured in each of the past two seasons, which has left New York pretty thin at NT. Look for New York to use a 4th or 5th rounder on a rotational type player who could develop into a starter.

5. Offensive Line depth: The Jets appear set along the offensive line, but they need to ensure the position stays strong. Look for the Jets to target an offensive lineman late in the draft.

6. Quarterback: I don’t think the Jets are ready to write off Mark Sanchez, but they shouldn’t be complacent either. Sanchez has struggled thus far in his career, and if he doesn’t start to improve quickly, his career could come to a close a lot sooner than what the Jets are expecting. Taking a late round flyer on a developmental QB, could be a good idea for New York.


The Jets are without a doubt a Super Bowl contender, but they need to keep their defense and receivers strong to ensure that. This is a crucial year for Mark Sanchez, so look for the Jets to favor their offensive needs, but DE, OLB and NT are needs as well. With a strong draft class, New York should be ready to make a Super Bowl run.

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