Cleveland Browns: Offseason Needs

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Rd 1, Pick 6 (6)
Rd 2, Pick 5 (37)
Rd 3, Pick 6 (70)
Rd 4, Pick 5 (102)
Rd 5, Pick 6 (137)
Rd 6, Pick 3 (168)
Rd 6, Pick 5 (170)
Rd 7, Pick 45 (248)


1. Wide Receiver: With Peyton Hillis at RB and Colt McCoy at QB the Browns have a good core to build around on offense. Unfortunately they are lacking that star receiver who can really stretch the field and make a difference. I think that without a doubt the Browns will look to add a play making WR in the top 2 rounds.

2. Defensive Tackle: Cleveland is moving to a 4-3 defense, and they don’t entirely have the personnel to do so. While they have a couple defensive needs, I think DT is their most important. The Browns will need to stop the ground game and if they could get a tackle that could generate pressure it would be a major bonus.

3. Defensive end: Given the scheme transition the Browns are pretty short-handed at defensive end as well. Right now with Matt Roth a free agent, Cleveland doesn’t have anyone who can offer consistent pressure on the quarterback. Look for them to address this area in the mid-rounds.

4. Right Tackle: The Browns have a rock solid left side, and center in their offensive line, but the right side needs some work. Look for the Browns to add a RT in free agency, but also maybe draft a guy late in the draft.

5. Right Guard: (see above) The Browns can’t keep getting below average production from their right side of the line. Cleveland will look for a guard in the mid-rounds that can hopefully come in and start early.

6. Linebacker: With changing their defensive philosophy the Browns have a lot of uncertainty in their front 7. While their need at LB isn’t as dire as those along the defensive line, it is still a position that needs addressing.

7. Corner back: Last year the Browns added Joe Haden, but their other CB spot is basically in flux. They need to get more consistent play out of that position and should consider adding a CB at some point in the draft.


The Browns look like a team on the rise. They need a playmaker on offense, as well as a better offensive line, but otherwise they have a lot of potential there. On defense their scheme switch has opened some holes, but between the draft and eventual free agency they should be able to fill them. Cleveland probably won’t challenge for the playoffs next year, but they should no longer be considered an easy ‘W’ on the schedule.

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