2011 NFL Draft: 2nd Round, Updated 4/17

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33. New England Patriots (From Carolina): WR Jon Baldwin, Pittsburgh-

With the Patriots addressing their line needs in the first I think they might look to adding a playmaker or two in the 2nd round. I have a hard time believing that Baldwin will fall into the 2nd round, but there are only a handful of places where he could fit at the bottom of round 1 meaning it could very well happen. If he does fall this far I think the Patriots will be quite happy to add another tall receiver and big play guy to Tom Brady‘s arsenal.

34. Buffalo Bills: QB Christian Ponder, Florida State-

I think the Bills have to take a quarterback with their first two picks, but I can’t get behind them taking Locker right now. At least not with Ponder still on the board. Christian Ponder is quite possibly the most NFL ready quarterback, and would be a good fit for Buffalo. His stock is rising fast and there is a chance he sneaks into the first round, but if not Buffalo could look to take him here.

35. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Torrey Smith, Maryland-

The Bengals will be looking to upgrade their passing weapons if they take a quarterback in the first round, and Smith is bay far the best receiver on the board. Smith has good size and the speed and quickness to stretch the field. With T.O. on the way out and Chad Johnson soon to follow, the Bengals need a number one receiver and Smith could fill that need.

36. Denver Broncos: DT Stephen Paea, Oregon State-

Paea is one of the best defensive tackles in this draft class, and while his stock took a hit with a knee injury at the Senior Bowl, this is still great value for the Broncos. Their defensive front 7 is basically a one man show and he is coming off a major injury. Adding Bowers was a good first step, but getting an elite run defender in the middle is key as well. The Broncos could consider a running back or linebacker with this pick, but DT is more important. Remember John Fox comes from a defensive background, and he saw in Carolina that you can win with just okay QB play if you have a good running game and defense.

37. Cleveland Browns: DT Christian Ballard, Iowa-

The Browns are another team that is making a transition to a 4-3 defense, and now need to add the correct personnel. While the Browns have multiple needs for their new defense, adding Ballard would be a great addition here. They already have more of a run-stuffing DT, so now they need to add one who can generate a bit of a pass rush up the middle. Ballard is a relentless player, who’s motor never stops running. Ballard should give good pressure up the middle, and fill a major need for the Browns.

38. Arizona Cardinals: QB Andy Dalton, TCU-

I know this might be high for Dalton, but I think the Cardinals will appreciate his ability to start early over, a quarterback like Locker who might need some time to develop. Dalton is a safe pick, but one that could help put Arizona back into contention for the NFC West sooner rather than later.

39. Tennessee Titans: QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas-

Personally I don’t think Mallett is worth a top 50 pick given his character concerns, but if a team believes he can mature they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger. If Jeff Fisher were still in charge, I’d say no way this happens, but as it stands now the Titans have a huge void at QB and are getting a lot of pressure to fill it. The Titans brought in Chris Palmer specifically to work with a young quarterback so I have to believe they take one here. Look for them to also potentially pursue a trade up for a QB if the opportunity presents itself.

40. Dallas Cowboys: CB/FS Aaron Williams, Texas-

The Cowboys could look to upgrade their offensive line, but I think Williams might be tempting enough for the Cowboys to hold off on drafting a lineman. Williams could play corner, but I think the Cowboys will look to him to fill their free safety need. Williams has the ability to be a ball hawking free safety, and will shore up the Cowboys weak secondary.

41. Washington Redskins: G/C Rodney Hudson, Florida State-

I know the Skins have needs at RB, WR and QB, but until they get an offensive line in place it’s really not going to matter whom the Redskins have at their skill positions, as they simply won’t have the blocking to be effective. While the Redskins could look long and hard at NT Phil Taylor or DE Cameron Heyward, they need to upgrade this line in 4 spots. Hudson is preferred by some as a center, but I think he is a perfect zone blocking guard. He has quick hands and feet, and anchors extremely well. If the Skins grab him and stick him next to Trent Williams, they will be set on the left side of their line for years to come. By adding both Tyron Smith and Hudson, Washington’s greatest weakness will quickly become a strength.

42. Houston Texans: NT Phil Taylor, Baylor-

Although I figured the Texans wouldn’t forgo the opportunity to grab a corner in the top two rounds, I now think they might stay focused on their front 7 in the early rounds. Phil Taylor would be a great fit in Houston and give the Texans the classic nose tackle they are lacking. The last thing the Texans can afford to do is not bring in 3-4 talent, because if they don’t their defense won’t be able to stop anyone. Corner and safety are still major needs, but ones that I think Houston can address later.

43. Minnesota Vikings: QB Jake Locker, Washington-

The Vikings will likely be adding a veteran quarterback this offseason, but they also need add a young guy, who can start in a year or two. Locker isn’t a perfect fit for Minnesota since I think he will need a couple years of development time, but that is also why he could still be available at this pick. Locker could do well to develop under Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave. Although I’m not a fan of Locker as a first rounder, his hype could mean that a team like the Vikings needs to trade up to the late 1st round to acquire him.

44. Detroit Lions: LB Martez Wilson, Illinois-

I know some prefer Wilson as an ILB, but I think he is an excellent strong side linebacker prospect. He offers good bulk to anchor against the run, and great speed for pursuit after the ball carrier. I think Wilson has immense upside, and the Lions should be quite thrilled with his selection in the 2nd round.

45. San Francisco 49ers: OLB Jabaal Sheard, Pittsburgh-

With the 49ers landing their quarterback, they will turn to their biggest defensive need an add a pass rusher. Sheard is the best pass rusher on the board and a good value with this pick. The 49ers didn’t get a ton of pressure from their linebackers last season, and a couple of their best guys are free agents making this a top priority.

46. Denver Broncos (From Miami): DT Drake Nevis, LSU-

I know some people might not get behind the idea of using their top 3 picks to fix the defense, but that is exactly what they should do. Yes they still need some help at RB, but they can get a decent option in the mid-rounds, and while they could go secondary or linebacker, they aren’t as big of a need as DT. Adding Nevis gives the Broncos a potentially elite unit, that John Fox used to have (and win with) in Carolina. I know it is a bit of a pipe dream for one team to devote 3 high picks on the defensive side of the ball, but that unit was so bad last year that it makes sense. If I was looking at the quickest way to return Denver to prominence, it would be by building an exceptionally strong unit, and that they can do with their D-line with these picks.

47. St. Louis Rams: OG/OT Ben Ijalana, Villanova-

The Rams landed their top flight receiver in the first round, which leaves them with one big hole on offense, right guard. Ijalana is a perfect power guard and he will open quite a few holes for Stephen Jackson next season. And while RG will be a position change for Ijalana, I think it is his best fit at the next level. By filling their final major weakness on offense, the Rams should be able to take off and really challenge for the division.

48. Oakland Raiders: C/G Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State-

Wisniewski’s uncle was an All-Pro center for the Raiders (and now their O-line coach), and I fully expect the Raiders to make Stefen their 2nd round choice if he is still on the board. While he could play guard for them, I think it is more likely he ends up their center.

49. Jacksonville Jaguars: CB Brandon Burton, Utah-

The Jaguars secondary is almost as much of a joke as their pass rush. They have to add some quality players who can cover. I think this is a little high for Burton, but Jacksonville has shown in the past that they are willing to reach for the player they want/need. While a player like Jimmy Smith is a higher value at this point, I don’t think Jacksonville will bite given his attitude and off the field issues.

50. San Diego Chargers: OLB/DE Sam Acho, Texas-

This could be a bit of a reach for Acho, but he had an impressive combine, and the Chargers could use a younger pass rusher. I like Acho’s upside and I see him developing into a very good OLB.

51. Tampa Bay: CB Chris Brown, Texas-

With some pending legal troubles for Tampa’s starting corner (Talib), the Bucs will likely look to address the position early in the draft. Brown is a good value here and someone who could start from day one if need be. Even if Talib isn’t suspended or cut for his actions, Tampa needs to think of the future as Ronde Barber might only have one more year in him.

52. New York Giants: RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech-

Running back could quickly become a major need for the Giants if they lose Ahmad Bradshaw in free agency. If that is the case look for the Giants to add a running back in the 2nd-4th rounds. Although they could decide to wait to address their RB need, but Williams will be tough to pass up. Williams has star running back potential, and the Giants place a high premium on the running game.

53. Indianapolis Colts: DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina-

The Colts addressed their OT need (well at least half of it) in the first round. They will need to try to fix their DT need in the 2nd. Austin, has some red flags heading into this offseason, but so far he seems to be doing all the right things to answer those questions about him. If he checks out, the Colts should be highly interested in him. Austin would be a good fit in the middle of the Colts line and should cause all sorts of disruptions in the opposing backfield.

54. Philadelphia Eagles: G Marcus Cannon, TCU-

The Eagles need to upgrade the right side of their offensive line, and Cannon is the top lineman available. Cannon is the perfect fit for Andy Reid’s offense, and he could even get a look at RT (though I’m not a huge fan of that idea). Either way the Eagles need to upgrade their offensive line, if they This could be slightly high for him, but I see him as a good fit in Philly and a guy who will shore up that offensive line. Philly still needs to find a RT, but I don’t see any tackles that make sense for the Eagles right here. I know there are some reports that Cannon is dealing with testicular cancer, but those are unconfirmed and I hesitate to move him down based on so much rumor.

55. Kansas City Chiefs: WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami-

Hankerson could be nabbed earlier, but if he does last this long then I think the Chiefs will be quite thrilled. Kansas City needs to keep adding quality targets to Matt Cassel‘s arsenal and Hankerson would be a good fit. Hankerson isn’t the biggest or fastest receiver, but he should excel at the next level. The one real concern is his hands as at times he loses concentration and will have a multi-drop game, but otherwise he looks like a very good starting WR.

56. New Orleans Saints: DT Allen Bailey, Miami-

The Saints signed Shaun Rogers at Defensive Tackle, but that was only for one season and in reality you need to have at least 3 DT’s to effectively run a 4-3 anyways. Bailey is a little light for a DT, but he is tough in the trenches and gets good penetration despite not having great quickness or bulk.

57. Seattle Seahawks: CB Davon House, New Mexico State-

The Seahawks need to add a corner in the first two rounds of the draft, as there secondary got torched last season. House is a good value for this spot and he has good potential. He should be able to start year one, and has the ability to eventually be a number 1 corner.

58. Baltimore Ravens: WR Titus Young, Boise State-

The Ravens receiving corps is vastly improved, but they are still looking for that home run threat. Young would be that speed weapon and a perfect compliment to Boldin and Mason. Young still needs to work on his secondary skills (getting out of breaks, route running, and working against press coverage), but he has the potential to be a star.

59. Atlanta Falcons: WR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy:

Although the Falcons need another DE to compliment John Abraham, I’m thinking they continue to add weapons on offense. Roddy White is a great receiver, but the rest of their pass catchers are in need of an upgrade. Jernigan offers a legitimate burner for Matt Ryan and someone who will stretch the field, which should help open up the middle for the Falcons tight ends.

60. New England: RB Mikel Leshoure, Illinois:

The Patriots have a lot of picks to play with, so I see them going best player available with this pick and adding another weapon. While their ground game was nice last season, it didn’t have an elite feel to it, and it let them down when it mattered most. While the Pats have some talent in the backfield I really don’t think anyone of them is a legit number one tailback. Leshoure has that number one back potential, and is a steal late in the 2nd round.

61. San Diego Chargers (from New York Jets): OT James Carpenter, Alabama-

The Chargers could use an upgrade on the right side of their line, and while Carpenter isn’t projected as a top 2 round guy, his draft stock is moving up and he is a good fit here. I think Carpenter has a lot of potential and could be the answer the Chargers are looking for at their right tackle spot and is exactly the type of guy you take with an extra pick.

62. Chicago Bears: G Will Rackley, Leigh-

Chicago could double up on linemen in the first two rounds, as they simply can’t hope to compete next year without an adequate line. Rackley is flying up draft boards, and for good reason. Despite being a small school guy, he shows excellent potential and should be able to start early in his career. With Solder and Rackley, the Bears might have the beginning of a quality offensive line.

63. Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia-

The Steelers desperately need to improve their pass defense this season as elite quarterbacks were able to take advantage of their holes in their secondary. Adding Dowling at the end of Round two would be a good value, and he should instantly upgrade the Steelers pass defense. While I think Dowling is a more talented player, he could fall given his murky injury history. If he checks out though Pittsburgh will be getting one heck of a player here.

64. Green Bay Packers: OLB Dontay Moch, Nevada-

This might be a slight reach, but Moch is moving up draft boards and is the next best rush linebacker available. He has exceptional speed off the edge and should, develop nicely as a complement to Matthews. Moch is a bit raw, but the upside is there, that I see the Packers pulling the trigger.

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