Quick Thoughts On the Quarterbacks At The Combine:

NFL Draft

Ryan Mallett:

If Mallett ever figures it out upstairs he could be a franchise quarterback, but right now I don’t know if I could ever imagine that he’ll be able to do that. When it comes to throwing the ball, Mallett has the biggest arm and spins it with anyone, but he still needs to learn some touch.

Jake Locker:

Locker really impressed me throughout the day. He did great during all the workout drills, and showed perhaps the best speed of any quarterback. He also had a very good interview session, and showed he can handle the rigors of the media. The most impressive thing was his accuracy, which was vastly improved from his Senior Bowl performance (and season performance). Locker still has questions about doing it with pads on and in games, but its nice to see some improvement.

Colin Kaepernick:

Kaepernick tore it up in the athletic drills, and was officially the 2nd fastest quarterback at the combine. He was a bit inconsistent in the throwing drills, but overall showed a big arm, with a lot of accuracy. His motion and footwork aren’t the best, but the talent is very clear. Easily, he was one of the 5 most impressive quarterbacks at the combine.

Andy Dalton:

Dalton didn’t wow in any one area, but I saw good improvement from the Senior Bowl and pretty accurate overall.

Blaine Gabbert:

Gabbert didn’t throw, but he showed great athleticism and I thought answered some questions about him in the drills. Gabbert probably had as good of a combine as anyone, despite not throwing the ball.

Christian Ponder:

I thought Ponder looked the by as the best quarterback today at the combine. He tested well in all the athletic drills, and threw a nice spiral.

Ricky Stanzi:

Stanzi, isn’t the fastest quarterback or the biggest arm, but he shows nice touch and accuracy.

Josh Portis:

Portis is no doubt a late round guy, but he was pretty impressive and looks like a good developmental guy. His athletic drills were up there with anyone, and he displayed a strong arm and decent accuracy. He’s still raw but in the right system he could really develop.

Cam Newton:

Newton amazed everyone in the athletic drills and with a strong arm, but was really inaccurate in the short and intermediate drills. There is a lot of raw talent, but its a disappointing performance for a quarterback projected to be in the top 10.

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