Top 5 Rankings For Tight Ends And Fullbacks:

NFL Draft Offensive Player Rankings

Tight Ends:

1. Kyle Rudolph Rudolph was hurt for much of this season, but he has the potential to be a front line tight end. He has the skills to stretch the field and sure hands to be a serious threat in the red zone. Rudolph is already a pretty decent blocker, which will allow him to contribute immediately. He is by far the best tight end in this class. He is a top 35 player, and he could sneak into the end of the 1st round.

2. Luke Stocker- Stocker’s poor senior season, has dimmed his prospect status, but I still like what I see in Stocker. He really looked good Senior Bowl week, and reminds me of a poor man’s Heath Miller. I like the fact that he can help in the in line blocking as well. He is a good pass catcher, but not the type of tight end that will be split out wide. Top 75 talent, should be a mid-third round pick.

3. Lance Kendricks- Kendricks is a very good pass catcher, and while he needs to work on his blocking projects as a solid starter in the NFL. I think he is better suited to go to a team looking for a good pass catching tight end as, I don’t think he’ll ever be anything more than an average blocker. Top 80 talent, could fall to the 4th round, but has a decent chance of being picked late in the 3rd.

4. D.J. Williams- Williams is a bit more of a hybrid H-back, but he should find a role in the NFL. He’s not a great in-line blocker, but can be okay when lined up to block in the backfield. Top 100 talent, should be a 4th round pick.

5. Julius Thomas I know most people aren’t huge fans of Thomas, but I really love his upside. He has great size, speed and catching ability, and he projects to be at least a solid blocker. He’s a bit raw, but I really think he will reach his potential. Top 100 talent, could go in the 3rd or 4th round, but my guess is he falls to the 6th or 7th.


1. Owen Marecic- Marecic is a classic throw back player, who played both ways in college. He projects best as a fullback and should make some team very happy in the mid-rounds. He simply does it all as he runs, catches and blocks with the best of them. He needs to be a little bit more refined, but the talent is there. Top 75 talent, could be a 3rd round pick, but could also fall into the 4th round.

2. Henry Hynoski- Hynoski like Marecic is a very good all-around talent. He isn’t as good of a runner or receiver, but he is probably the best blocking fullback in this class. Top 90 talent, should be in the 3rd-4th round mix, but my guess is he will fall as fullbacks are usually overlooked.

3. Charles Clay Clay isn’t a typical fullback, and could fit more of an H-back role, but the talent is there. He will need to work on his blitz pickup and lead blocking, but has the size and frame to do so. He is the best running fullback in this class, and could intrigue teams given his athletic talent. Top 120 talent. While you can make a case that Clay should go in the first 4 rounds, I’m guessing he falls into the 6th round. He will need some developmental time, but until he is ready he is a good fit for ST and short yardage help.

4. Stanley Havili- Havili is another guy who needs to work on his blocking, but really the biggest thing he needs to do is get bigger. Technically he was a pretty sound blocker, but that won’t fly at under 230 lbs. in the NFL. He will be a solid runner/receiver, needs to bulk up to play in most systems. Top 175 talent, likely a 6th or a 7th round pick.

5. Anthony Sherman- Sherman is a guy I really like that I think you can take a late round flyer on and he ends up being a starter. He is a tough compact back, who is a pretty good lead blocker and shows some skills running and receiving as well. Top 200 talent, 7th round to undrafted.

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