Texas vs. The Nation: Impressions

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Due to the Super Bowl I didn’t give much time to the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star game this weekend. Now that I’ve gotten some time to watch it, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on players that impressed me.

Nathan Enderle, QB:

I’ll admit I’m higher on Enderle than most, but his struggles in this game weren’t his fault. He got zero protection and also had dropped balls. Sure it could have been better, but I liked the way the ball came out of his hand and his pocket presence. Still a late round guy for me with upside.

Taylor Potts, QB:

Potts did some nice things in the game and obviously looked very comfortable in the spread offense. He could be an intriguing late round quarterback for a team to develop as a backup.

Josh Portis, QB:

I really thought Portis was going to be over matched in this game, but I liked what I saw. Showcased a good arm, and great mobility to buy time in the pocket. A couple throws sailed, but I thought it was impressive overall. Could be a 7th round guy at this point and is definitely a priority free agent if he doesn’t get picked.

Tyler Yates, QB:

Yates did okay in this game, but didn’t do anything to truly impress me. I believe he will be a priority free agent, and is the type of guy who could sit on a practice squad for two years, and then develop into a solid backup.

Chadd Spann, RB:

Spann had a couple really nice runs and showed great balance on runs. He also showed that he probably isn’t strong enough for the next level, and will have to work his way up as a special teamer. I like his style, and thought the good outweighed the bad in that game, but he is no more than a 7th rounder.

Josh Gatlin, CB:

Gatlin got an interception, but I was more impressed with his size and speed overall. He’s a raw prospect and he got burned a couple of times, but the potential is there if you coach him up.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, WR:

Johnson-Koulianos came up with some big plays today and really impressed me as the game wore on. His off the field issues keep him as a late round guy at best, but if he pulls his life together he has some serious potential.

Jerell Powe, DT:

Powe was dominate at times, and is a force on one-on-one blocking, but when he is double-teamed he would disappear. At times it looked like he gave up when the play wasn’t in his zone. Work ethic remains a question, but the size and strength were very present in Texas. He has big time potential, but unfortunately he only shows it in flashes. I see him solidly in the 4th round range, but he could be a late 3rd round guy based on need and a good combine/pro day.

Kendrick Ellis, DT:

Ellis was pretty dominate throughout the game and was a constant problem for opposing blockers. He looked nearly as dominate as Phil Taylor was at the Senior Bowl. Ellis really showed a great first step and looks like he can help with the pass rush, like a top NT would. He isn’t just a run stopper and someone to clog the gap, as he showed a good bit of quickness. I liked what I saw with him and if he checks out with a good background, he’ll be a high 3rd round pick.

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