Senior Bowl Wednesday & Thursday Practice Notes: North Team Offense

NFL Draft

Colin Kaepernick, QB:

Kaepernick in my opinion is separating himself from the rest of the signal callers, I thought he looked really good on both wed. and thur. and is the best developmental QB in this draft. It might take 2 years, but you will like what you see. He throws the best ball overall in Mobile. The concerns might be there, but I love his intangibles as well. Given his developmental time, I’ll keep him lower in my rankings, but he is a HIGH upside type of guy.

Jake Locker, QB:

Locker really seems to be pressing at the Senior Bowl, there have been multiple missed throws or picks and even some plays where he wasn’t on the same page with everyone. Nothing is a deal breaker, but after a weaker Senior season some questions have arisen.

  • Why is he struggling so much against vanilla defenses run at the Senior Bowl?
  • Coming from a pro style system, why is he over/under throwing so many routes?
  • Coming from a pro style system, why is he having problems under center?
  • Why is his accuracy always been an issue?

Those are some big questions he needs answered, and as each day goes by those questions become bigger and bigger.

Ricky Stanzi, QB:

Stanzi didn’t have a great ending to his Senior Bowl week, but I don’t think he hurt himself too much. Sure you might not hear those 2nd round rumors anymore, but I think those were just smoke to begin with.

Kendall Hunter, RB:

Hunter is one of the smaller backs there, but he is also one of the most impressive. Displays great, speed, vision, hands and even did a very good job blocking blitzers. Hunter might not be an every down guy, but if he plays like this he will earn at least a 50-50 split.

DeMarco Murray, RB:

Murray displayed some nice runs from what I saw, but he was down right awful picking up blitzers. That really concerns me at the next level, and a big red flag.

Roy Helu, RB:

Each day I like Helu more and more. He runs so well, and just looks very physical at as well. He should be working his way into the conversation as a 3rd round guy.

Lance Kendricks, TE:

Kendricks has some questions as a blocker, but he handled himself pretty well in that department. He showed good hands and route running the last two days as well. Solid mid-round tight end at this point.

Lee Smith, TE:

Love the guy as a blocker. He won’t stretch the field, but solid hands and capable for underneath and red zone work.

Vincent Brown, WR:

Continues to impress, great all-around week of practice. Great possession/slot receiver type. Won’t be a home run threat, but will convert a ton of first downs. One of the best route runners in this entire draft class.

Austin Pettis, WR:

Pettis I was a bit down on earlier in the week, but has had some good practices these last two days. Using his size better and running crisper routes. Good big possession receiver.

Titus Young, WR:

Keeps looking better and better, consistently getting open, even when its not thrown his way. His speed means he needs to be accounted for on every play.

Dane Sanzebacher, WR:

Sanzebacher was a late add, but he has impressed in his limited work. Clean route runner with good hands. Not going to burn anyone, but will get open.

James Brewer, OT/G:

I still like Brewer overall, and think he is a potential sleeper at Tackle, but he might be better suited for Guard. He has dominated at times, and controls the run well, but sometimes he gets flat out beat in the passing game. Needs to be more consistent overall, solid week for him, but still needs to improve.

Jason Pinkston, OT/G:

I didn’t get to see much of Pinkston, but I think he is a solid RT at the next level, and won’t need much development time. He needs to play meaner, and with better awareness. Saw a couple of plays where he didn’t release into the 2nd level, which prevented a good play from being a great play.

Nate Solder, OT:

I think Solder could grow into being an elite LT, not sure he is enough of a drive blocker to be effective enough in the run game. I also see him struggling some vs. strong DE’s. If he can add some strength I think his 1st round status is warranted, if not I could see him being nothing more than average. He was a mixed bag this week, and I would have expected more dominance.

Gabe Carimi, OT:

Loved what I saw from Carimi this week, never gave up on plays, dominated where ever they put him, LT, RT, G, didn’t matter because Carimi came to play. I see him as the type of guy who can be a RT from day one and maybe shift to LT by year 3 (or he could be an all pro RT for his career).

Anthony Castonzo, OT:

Liked what I saw in Castonzo, doesn’t get beat often and he stays with his blocks. Doesn’t anchor as well as Carimi, but does a pretty good job.

Steve Schilling, OG:

Schilling consistently drew the toughest assignment of the week, Cameron Jordan, and like everyone else he struggled there. He didn’t give up on plays and even when Jordan beat him, he would get a hand on him to slow him down for a fraction of a second. It wasn’t a great week for Schilling, but the competiveness and work ethic were impressive.

Brandon Fusco, C/G:

Fusco continued to improve this week. He got beat by some of the 1st and 2nd rounder guys, but all-in-all he held his own. Not a great week, but pretty good, and enough to solidify a spot in the draft (when you come from Slippery Rock that is saying something).

Check back later for a defensive report and notes on the South.

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