Ginn Jr. Trade Could Have Big Draft Implications

NFL Draft

Today’s deal by the San Francisco 49ers for wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. has bigger implications on next week’s draft then the 5th round pick the Dolphins got in return. San Francisco not only filled their need for a 3rd or 4th receiver with the Ginn acquisition, but they filled their biggest need of a prolific return man.

It’s long been speculated that the 49ers were interested in a speed running back to add another dynamic weapon on offense as well as a top notch return man. It had been thought that they were serious players for either C.J. Spiller in 1st round or Javid Best or Dexter McCluster in the 2nd round. Now with the addition of Ginn there is little need to spend such a high pick on a back up running back if he won’t be needed to help out in the return game. San Francisco can use their early picks on strengthening their defense and adding a right tackle. The 49ers will still probably address their running back depth but can afford to wait till the late rounds to do so.

Miami on the other hand gave up on their former top 10 first round pick. After the trade for Brandon Marshall and the draft additions last year, Ginn was without a home in Miami. Unfortunately the Dolphins weren’t able to get much in return for their once top receiver. While Ginn hasn’t lived up to expectations he did offer plenty of value as a deep threat/specialty player/ and return man, and it’s likely the Dolphins won’t replace that value with the 5th round pick they received in return.

Not only did the trade impact the 49ers first round plans, but it also impacts where C.J. Spiller and the other running backs might go. Spiller had long been projected as a top 15 or 20 pick, with a number of scenarios having him go to the 49ers with one of their two picks (13 and 17). Now with those picks out of the mix Spiller could definitely fall into the 20’s. I think the Patriots or Chargers are still the best options for Spiller, though the Bengals could also be in the mix. Right now I don’t see a great match in the top 15 or even 20. Some team would have to take him without a big need at running back or take him within the top 10 picks. Spiller could be in for a fall come draft day now that the 49ers are out of the picture, which could slide some of the other speed backs down in the draft as well.

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