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My thoughts on the Jets Trading Revis

“That’s all we got!?”

That is the initial thoughts from most Jets fans, including myself.

But hey Jets fans, let me cheer you up a bit.

I had a few hours to think it over and I am completely fine with it. The Jets were able to get the 13th pick in this Thursdays draft as well as a 4th round pick in 2014 (it will most likely be a 3rd round if he is on the Bucs roster on the 3rd day of the 2014 league year. Yes, I understand Revis the arguably the best corner back in the league but we literally have no idea how good he is going to be coming off an ACL injury. Plus, with everything the Jets are trying to achieve with their cap, he doesn’t fit in financially. Revis will be the highest paid defensive back in NFL history. He just signed a 6 year, 96 million dollar deal (16 a year) but none of it is guaranteed. And on a positive note, if the Jets kept Revis and let him walk in free agency next year, at best they probably would have gotten a 3rd round compensation pick in the 2015 draft.

I am shocked Revis gets no money guaranteed but my guess and everyone’s speculation is if he has a huge year and returns to form, he will hold out (again) and get a new contract with guaranteed money.

So after 6 years, 4 pro bowls and 2 holdouts, the Revis era is officially over for the Jets. This will be a very tough year coming for the Jets but they are already use to playing with out him. This season will be an open try out for the 2014 season to see who will stay and who will go (for the coaching staff as well). It is time for the young guys to step up. I especially am very excited to see Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples take off this year. Plus, the Jets are most likely looking at another top pick next year in a draft class that is very deep (cough cough a lot of quarterbacks cough cough). Do not forget if he get the 1st pick we can get Clowney. The Jets have options and now a lot of money to work with.

Thursday night will be a big night for the New York Jets. They have the 9th and 13th pick in the draft and they cannot afford to swing and miss on a guy. My guess is they go pass rusher and guard with their picks but a corner back now would not shock me. I personally am very excited, and I trust new Jets GM John Idzik. I think they will make the right moves Thursday night and into the weekend.




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