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My Picks for the Jets Next GM and Offensive Coordinator

It has been a rough past few weeks for the New York Jets trying to find their next general manager. They have swung and missed on a few candidates. I thought it would be hard for the Jets to find a GM, but I did not think it would be this hard. This is a very tough team to inherit, that comes with a circus as well.

I will break down their top 3 choices and pick who I want:

1) Former Chicago Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo

This is my favorite for the job. I like that he already has general manager experience (11 years) and he has had a good amount of success with the Bears in the past including one Super Bowl appearance.

2) Assistant Jets General Manager Scott Cohen

I like the work he has done with the Jets, I would not mind it at all if he was named the GM. However, he was known as former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum’s  “right hand man” and I do not know if they would want to promote someone similar to the guy they fired. If he is not named GM, I really hope he stays on with the team as an assistant again.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Football and Business Administration Omar Kahn

I like that he is known for being a great contract negotiator and good at managing the cap, but Tannenbaum was known for that too and look how his last 2 years turned out.

Note: Adam Schefter also tweeted today that former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sunquist is another potential suitor.

Now for the Jets top two Offensive Coordinator Candidates. Both of these guys I would be happy with but I am going to go with the guy with a more impressive resume (which includes more NFL experience) and that is Cam Cameron.

1) Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron interviewed with the Jets today. I believe he is the favorite for the job. Most recently, Cameron was a head coach of the Dolphins in 2007, and the Ravens OC from 2008-2012 (he got fired mid season). For a team not known for offense, Cameron did a pretty decent job with his team. Cameron was also on the same staff as Ryan back in 2008 so they know each other.

2) Pep Hamilton

This is a very intriguing candidate. He coached with the Jets from 2003-2005 and was most recently the Stanford OC since 2011. Apparently, if Lovie Smith gets a head coaching job, he wants Hamilton as his OC.

In all honesty, I will take almost anyone over Tony Sparano but I really like these two options. Apparently, Hue Jackson and Marty Mornhinweg are options as well, but I am not too high on either. Even with Jackson being on the same staff as Ryan in 2008 as well as  him having head coaching and offensive coordinator experience.

The Jets expect to have a GM named at the end of the week, I would assume their OC will be named around that time as well. Let’s hope they make the right decision.


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