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What the New York Giants Look Forward to After Bye Week

The New York Giants got off to a great start this season going 6-2 but had a rough last 2 games in loses to the Pittsburgh Steelers (huge collapse) and in a blow out to the Cincinnati Bengals. However, Manning has not looked good in the last 3 games going back to their last win against the Dallas Cowboys.  In his defense though, it may be because he has had inconsistency at receiver with some being injured and some just having bad games.

If I am a Giants fan, I know that at times they do seem to take a game or two at times and then turn it on when they need to. In their two Super Bowl winning seasons, they stumbled into the playoffs, head coach Tom Coughlins job was on the line, and they turned it on to win it all. This was because Eli Manning was huge in the 4th quarter and their defensive line was unstoppable.

The huge key for the Giants for the rest of the season is Safety Kenny Phillips getting back from injury (although Stevie Brown has been playing pretty well). He should be back for their Sunday night game at home against the Green Bay Packers. That will be a tough game, no doubt.

Next thing the Giants need to do is get more consistency from their defensive line. They still arguably have the most talented defensive line but they have been inconsistent in games and that has exposed their secondary. Phillips will help the Giants being back in the secondary, which can then increase the confidence in the defensive line, stopping the run and getting to the quarterback quicker. If this can happen, the Giants will be scary again come playoff time.

After the Packer though, the Giants still have a pretty tough schedule to finish the season. I am taking them to beat the Packers (if Phillips is back, it will be close regardless). They then have the Redskins on the road in Washington which will be another tough one because the Redskins always play well against the Giants. It will be a Monday night game, and I am taking the Giants in another close one just because this will be Robert Griffin’s first big night game in the NFL and I believe some nerves will hit him.

They then have the New Orleans Saints at home, which I think they will win as well. Saints have been playing well lately, but I think the Giants will be riding that confidence on 2 straight wins. I then think they will hit two rough road loses at the Falcons in Atlanta, and in Baltimore against the Ravens. They are capable of winning both of these games, but the Giants tend to lose some of those games and times and win ones they are not supposed to. They will then finish the season with a win against the Eagles who will be very thankful that their tough season is over.

This means the Giants will finish 10-6. Of course my predictions can be wrong but I do see them finishing those final 6 games going 4-2. Regardless, it will be exciting to see how this team finishes.

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