Loyalty Points and Rewards

Fanspeak may, at times and subject solely to its own discretion, offer loyalty points and rewards for users who participate in Fanspeak services and activities.  Fanspeak reserves the right, exercisable at its sole discretion without advance notice, to establish and to modify the rules and conditions associated with those loyalty and reward offerings.  Additionally, Fanspeak reserves the right to terminate such offerings at its sole discretion and without advance notice.  To the extent that points are rewarded as part of those offerings, Fanspeak reserves the right to audit all user accounts to review and authenticate the number of earned points.  Accumulated points shall not be your personal property.  No transfer, assignment, sale or barter of earned points shall be permitted.  Earned points will remain in your account until they are redeemed or they expire.  User inactivity may result in loss of points.

Accounts may be terminated and points lost if you do not comply with all rules and regulations associated with the points program and with all of the provisions of these Terms of Use.  All award redemption requirements shall be established and enforced by Fanspeak.  The basic redemption process will generally involve exchange of earned points for awards through the Fanspeak web site.  Specific requirements regarding necessary points and redemption procedures will be established by Fanspeak, at its sole discretion.  Participation in these loyalty points programs may be prohibited or restricted in some countries and other jurisdictions.  Nothing in these terms should be viewed as an effort to override or circumvent such laws and regulations.

The loyalty points program is subject to cancellation, modification, and limitation at Fanspeak’s sole discretion, without advance notice.   Accumulation of points does not entitle participants to any vested rights to any awards.  Users can not rely on continued availability of any points or awards.  Participants in the loyalty points program are responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the rules of the program.  Recipients of any rewards are solely responsible for any tax or other legal obligations arising from receipt of such rewards.  All decisions by Fanspeak regarding loyalty points and rewards are final and are not subject to reconsideration or review.