Funny Danny

ABOUT Funny Danny: is thrilled to be partnered and working with Funny Danny!

Danny Rouhier (pronounced Roo-Yay) co-hosts Overtime on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC.  He is also an accomplished stand up comedian who has performed all over North America.  A lifelong and avid DC sports fan, Danny created a loyal online following with his weekly Redskins video blogs that have garnered over 220,000 views to date.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of sports, video games, and pop culture from the 80s & 90s that make him socially awkward but just right for the radio.  Danny also boasts a vast repertoire of impersonations and characters that can be heard nightly after the serious side of sports is put to bed.

Danny has been a big supporter of and we feel he’s the best fit to be the “Voice” of our website.  Why? Because his comedic style is truly the complaining fan that other fans totally relate to.  And he’s absolutely hilarious!

You can visit Funny Danny’s website to see more of his hilarious work and find out where else you can see him!

Funny Danny’s “Fan Speak” Videos:

-“Super Bowl Predictions” – Funny Danny does his Jon Gruden and Shannon Sharpe impersonations while giving ESPN’s “Mad Dog” their Super Bowl predictions.


-“Funny Danny’s First Trick Shot Video” – Funny Danny is envious of Johnny McEntee’s success as a “Trick Shot” artist, so he decides to make his own hilarious trick shot video!


-“FWB – Fans With Benefits” – Funny Danny parodies the “Playstation 3” commercials with his hilarious explanation of the new meaning of “FWB”!  Enjoy…and enjoy your Fans With Benefits as a Member!