Fantasy Football Top 5 – Most UNDERValued

By John Manuel:

Each week we’ll add a new “Top 5” Fantasy Football primer (links below) to get you ready for the 2016 NFL season and your upcoming fantasy football drafts! Enjoy!

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WEEK 4 – TOP 5 Most UNDER Valued Players


1- Aaron Rodgers– (29)

I know that Rodgers is a star and I am giving you an obvious big scorer.  But to project he will almost make it to round four is absurd.  I think taking Rodgers is smart because you are lock solid at the QB spot.  And Jordy Nelson is back.  I would grab him in round two for sure and possibly one.

2- Thomas Rawls- (31)

I know its a risk since we only had half a year to see him and then he got hurt.  But I like him better than guys like Lesean McCoy and Mark Ingram.  Add Eddie Lacy also to that list.  The Seahawks are good and will have to run the ball and Rawls should do what he did before he got hurt.

3- Latavius Murray-(41)

Murray was pretty good last season as he took over the starting role.  But like Rawls I think he can be as good as the guys listed going 15-20 picks higher than him.  The Raiders seem to have something going on offense and Murray should benefit.

4- John Brown– (71)

I just have a feeling that Brown becomes the main man in Arizona this season.  Nothing against a hall of famer like Fitzgerald and a contract year guy like Floyd but it could be Brown’s time.  I would look at him as a solid 2nd receiver.

5- Willie Snead (116)

I like what I saw from Snead especially in the PPR world.  I think he could be the Saints number two option in the passing game behind Cooks.  And the second option with Drew Brees and a bad Saints defense is intriguing.