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Whether you are looking for a second QB or a third QB, there are plenty of players to draft after the 10th round in Underdog drafts, after ADP 120. Here are my 8 favorite options to target in the back half of drafts. In watching our live drafts, you’ll notice we do lean heavily into 3 QB builds for various reasons. So this list helps especially for those builds.


Tua Tagovailoa (ADP-125.9):

Tua finished as QB9 last season, maintaining his health all year. That ranking makes sense since his per-game ranking in 2022 was T-QB11. He has thrived in this Mike McDaniel offense, and the Dolphins keep adding weapons and pieces around him this offseason. It’s also worth noting that Tua has been on the BBM winner each of the last two seasons, so why not shoot for the trifecta?


Justin Herbert (ADP-133.2):

Herbert has finished as QB 9, 2, 11, and 17* his first four years in the league, but he is going as QB 17 this year. Prior to him being injured last season though, he was QB 6, so we are talking about a guy who’s been 11 or better basically every time he’s taken the field.

Sure there are some concerns with the Chargers losing a lot of weapons and the new staff wanting to run the ball a bit more, but Herbert is still a top 12 type of QB. Lack of volume might hurt his chances of being top 5, but he can be QB 7-10 pretty easily, especially given the top-notch OL that should be protecting him.


Kirk Cousins (ADP- 146.7):

Cousins is coming off a mid-season Achilles tear, and at the time he was QB 6 in fantasy points (some of that was without Justin Jefferson). He does move on from Kevin O’Connell and the Vikings offense, but he goes to a particularly good situation in Atlanta, with new offensive coordinator Zac Robinson, who comes from the McVay tree.

Even if Cousins isn’t back to the top half of starting QBs, he is basically a top 10 or top 12 QB every season going back years. He can return a good bit of value just by reaching that status.


Aaron Rodgers (ADP- 161.8):

Rodgers like Cousins, is coming off an Achilles’ tear, which is keeping his price low. Rodgers is set up to have a big year tied to top weapons in Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall and a number of other good players. The Jets also significantly bolstered their offensive line this offseason. You can make the case that this is the most offensive talent that Rodgers has been surrounded by in a long time, maybe since the Packers Super Bowl.

Yes, there is some age/injury risk, but he also could easily end up as a top 10 QB. I wouldn’t want to bet against Rodgers when he has a chip on his shoulder, so I am taking him plenty late in drafts.


Baker Mayfield (ADP- 169.1):

People love to be down on Baker Mayfield, but he finished the year as QB 10, and had the same points per game as Tua. While he might not have as much upside as a few other QBs, he did have 4 games over 20 points, and 5 others of 18+. He offers a strong floor, with a little bit of upside.

The Buccaneers offense could be a bit better this year, with an improved OL and a deeper and healthier receiving corps.


Geno Smith (ADP- 169.8)

Last season was rough for Smith as the offense didn’t click the same way it did in 2022, and he couldn’t string together the consistent performances. Enter in a new offensive coordinator who should be more pass friendly, and hopefully a much healthier offensive line. Smith already has one of the better skill groups of receivers/tight ends to work with, so the deck is set for him to play well this year.


Will Levis (ADP- 178.2):

Levis didn’t set the league on fire last year in his 9 game rookie season, but he showed a little promise. The Titans though went out and added a new HC (Brian Callahan) to bring in a pass-friendly system, while at the same time significantly bolstering the OL and the weapons around him. Add in Levis having a little mobility, and you have a recipe for success.

Even if he struggles a little as a real-life QB, Levis could be in a position to put up some decent fantasy numbers given the system and the talent he has around him. If Levis is actually good, he could have a breakout type of season in this environment and could be a top 10 type of QB (see Jordan Love last year).


Russell Wilson (ADP- 208.6):

Wilson’s ADP is still depressed given that drafters are worrying about Justin Fields. All signs point to Wilson having this job, and not facing much of a threat. He was a top 12 fantasy QB at the time of being benched last season, and he offers a little rushing in the way with his arm talent.

There is a slight risk of him being benched, or maybe losing some packages to Fields, but that’s baked into this late ADP. If that doesn’t happen, he should massively outperform this ranking.


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