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Perhaps more than any other position landing spot matters most at RB for rookies. In addition, it’s followed very closely by opportunity and role. Draft stock actually ends up meaning far less for this position than others. So even if we can accurately predict the order that these running backs go off the board in the NFL Draft, it only helps us so much in determining their fantasy value for this season.

Trey Benson, RB33, ADP 116.9-

Benson has moved up to be the first RB selected in Underdog drafts and it makes sense as, the top RB likely taken in the draft (Brooks) is working his way back from injury. Benson can still be a mid-to-late 2nd round player, and have a chance to be an highly utilized running back as a rookie. He also can be a major TD producer, even in a more split back-field. Given his availability and upside, he can be a good fantasy producer.

Given that you are taking him in a range with a number of other backs who have flashed a little potential (Chase Brown, Chandler, Hubbard, etc.) but are hardly established, this is a good upside selection.

Jonathon Brooks, RB 34, ADP 117.3-

As mentioned above, Brooks is probably the most talented back in this class, and could still end up the top back selected. Unfortunately, a late-season ACL injury, is likely to keep him on the shelf, or at least limited for the first part, maybe even half of the season. Even when he does come back, if the team has another viable running back, they might be content to share the workload this year. This makes it really tough to get excited for his fantasy outlook for 2024.

For this reason I’m currently out at this ADP. If he slides a bit down the board, into more like the RB 40-45 range, I’d probably have some more interest.

Blake Corum, RB 41, ADP 134.7-

Corum is not the biggest or fastest runner, but he’s tough and he finds the hole and finds ways to pick up yards. In the right system he can be a 1,000 yard back and and effective fantasy producer. I also see him as a really strong handcuff running back option. Even if he’s drafted in a situation where he’s a number 2, any chance he gets to play more I’d expect positive results.

The ADP is still a little higher than I’d like without knowing the landing spot, but I do want some shares of him. Corum is the type of back who can end up leading all rookies in fantasy production.

Jaylen Wright, RB 46, ADP 151-

Wright is probably the most explosive running back in this class and can be a valuable pass catcher as well. In the right system and with some development, he could be a major offensive weapon, like Achane and Gibbs were a year ago. What holds him back though is he’s not nearly as polished as a runner. This leads him to not always be able to take advantage of that impressive speed.

He’s probably more likely to breakout year three of his career vs year one, but he’s still worth taking some shots on at this ADP. I would like to see him go to an offense with an aggressive playcaller.


Braelon Allen, RB 47, ADP 151.9-

Allen is a big physical back at 6’1″ 235 lbs, who can absolutely punish defenses in between the tackles. In a split backfield he will be a goalline monster, and should earn a fair share of carries as well. I do worry about his passing game involvement, and if he has the profile to earn a complete role.

I will still take some shots at this ADP, simply because TDs are so key on Underdog. With the right landing spot he could be a double-digit TD guy as a rookie. Might not give you a lot of spike weeks, but could give you good solid production this late in Best ball drafts.

MarShawn Lloyd, RB 48, ADP 154.7-

Lloyd’s college career was marred by injury and mixed production, so it’s hard to get a great feel for his true upside. His athletic profile is good, but he still is more likely a change of pace/3rd down back at the next level. He can contribute as a pass catcher and get some big runs, but he’s unlikely to handle 15-20 touches a game.

It feels like he will go higher in the draft, which is why his ADP is starting to climb, but I’m not sold he’s worth it at this spot. I’ve taken a couple shares, but mainly I’m taking other guys around him.

Bucky Irving, RB 50, ADP 163.4-

Irving’s combine workout hasn’t helped him as his testing numbers were pretty low. For an undersized back that is troubling, though he does have some impressive production, and game film to fall back on. Likely what it solidifies is he will be a limited, 3rd down type of back at the next level. Even in a situation where the starter goes down, he might not be able to assume a full workload.

That profile does scare me at this ADP. I have taken him a couple times where I just needed an RB, but I think it could be tough for him to return much value here.

Audric Estime, RB 52, ADP 170.2-

Estime is a big physical runner, who won’t win any races, but has build up speed in the open field. While mainly known for his ability to punish defenses and be an effective goalline back, Estime has also shown the ability to catch the ball pretty well. He won’t be a dynamic complete back, but he can contribute in every area.

The biggest question mark is will he have enough of a role to be a fantasy weapon as a rookie? Well at this ADP I’m willing to take some shots that he will. Even as a clear number 2 back he could return value this late.

Sleeper: Will Shipley, RB 61, ADP 204.6-

Shipley is not the next rookie available, but I think he’s the next rookie that people should be drafting. Shipley didn’t test at the Combine, but it’s likely that his testing numbers will be at least good, if not very good. On film, he shows excellent athletic ability and is an all-around back. At the NFL level he’s more of a pass catching, speed-type back, who might not see as much goal line work. That limits his total upside a bit, but his profile is as good or better than Lloyd’s who goes 50 spots ahead of him.

As a real late round option, I don’t mind taking some shots on him, as I think he could see his ADP rise once he works out and if his NFL draft capital is higher than expected.


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