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With best ball drafts going on, people have to make a decision on how to value free agent WRs in best ball. Training camp starts in a month and still some big name options haven’t found a home yet. None of the free agents will be number 1 options on teams, they can be solid spike week players. They are also going later currently given the uncertainty of where they might end up. Should Best Ball drafters wait till they sign, or do they find value free agent WRs to round out there roster?

Odell Beckham Jr.: ADP Range- 185-195

– Beckham was having an average regular season with both the Browns and Rams, but he had stepped up in the postseason. If not for re-tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl, Beckham would have had any number of suitors this offseason and landed a mega-deal. Instead Beckham will likely sign a one year deal, and will miss some significant time to start the year.

How much time Beckham will miss is still up for debate, but it would not be surprising to be 8-10 weeks. That still gives Beckham some time to add value to your Best Ball line-up, but it probably has to be the right team. He can offer some major spike week potential down the stretch of your Best Ball season. If you are in a tournament format, those weeks are of course the most crucial. So if you can land a usable guy in the 16th-18th rounds it’s worth considering.

Best Fits: Chargers, Rams, Raiders, Ravens, and Packers

Though much of the discussion has Beckham returning to the Rams, that is probably the worst fit for him from a fantasy perspective. LA should already be set at WR with Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson and Van Jefferson, so if Beckham returns, they will likely take it slow with him. Another landing spot could given him a larger role earlier on. The most interesting landing spot could be the Chargers, who have yet to find a 3rd option behind Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Beckham has the deep speed that the Chargers could use more of.

Julio Jones: ADP Range- 190-200

– Jones struggled last season with the Titans managing just 31 catches and 434 yards and 1 TD. He is no longer the number 1 receiver he used to be, but can still be interesting as the 3rd or 4th option in an offense. Jones still possesses a unique blend of size and speed and will cause problems for opposing defenses.

Though Jones has only played 19 games over the past two years combined, Jones doesn’t come in with an injury concern like a couple options on this list. He should be healthy, and while he shouldn’t be expected for 100% snap usage, teams can find a solid role for the former All-Pro.

Best fits: Raiders, Chargers, Ravens, Packers, Buccaneers

Jones is likely going to want to play for a contender, and there are a few decent landing spots. The Raiders haven’t been mentioned a lot, but they could be the best fit. On a team with Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow and Will Fuller, Jones wouldn’t need to do a lot. Jones also would balance that group, as none of them are real vertical options. If the Raiders don’t work out, the Ravens and Packers would be interesting for a more highly used option.

Will Fuller: ADP Range- 190-200

– Fuller gets a lot of buzz in Fantasy circles, and for good reason. He’s the youngest receiver on this list and in 2020 he was 8th in the league in fantasy points per game. Fuller has never played a full season or cracked 1,000 yards, but his ability as a deep threat is always clear. He is coming off a terrible single year in Miami where he managed 4 catches for 26 yards in two games. Fuller suffered a terrible finger injury last season, and it’s unclear if he’s close to recovering from it.

From a talent standpoint there is no question that Fuller is a great value free agent Wrs in best ball. His ability to have spike weeks with 6-10 catches, 150+ yards and 2 TDs can be very valuable. Unfortunately the finger injury is so concerning it’s completely unclear where he will sign, and if he can be back on the field anytime soon.

Best fits: Ravens, Packers, Chargers, Bears

Baltimore traded away their big deep threat WR in Marquise Brown. The hope is 2nd year WR Rashod Bateman can be the number 1, but he’s more of a complete WR versus a true deep threat. The Ravens could use a lot of receiver help, but a deep threat to keep safeties honest can help open up Mark Andrews and running lanes for this offense. Packers and Chargers have both expressed some interest in a deep threat option this season. The Bears just need as much receiving help as possible. Mooney is a deep threat, but Justin Fields has a big arm so adding a 2nd guy to get vertical could make sense.

Cole Beasley: ADP-  230+

– Beasley hasn’t had nearly the buzz some of the other players have had, but he is probably the safest to produce if he finds a home. Beasley saw his yardage and touchdowns fall last season to 693 yards and 1, but still had 82 catches. That’s the same amount he had in 2020 for 967 yards and 4 TDs. In .5 point PPR Beasley has fantasy point totals of 118, 166 and 151 over the past three seasons. He profiles even better in full point PPR.

Beasley isn’t your typical Best Ball receiver as he won’t typically have many 20 point or more weeks. He does offer a strong floor which could make him a fill in player when you are thin. He will need a pretty strong role to return value, but he’s basically free at the end of drafts at this point.

Best fits: Cowboys, Bears, Buccaneers, Ravens, and Colts

Beasley started with Dallas and a reunion wouldn’t be a crazy idea. The Cowboys will likely use Michael Gallup in the slot when he he’s healthy, but he could be out weeks. And even when he’s back he could play outside if need be. Chicago, Baltimore and Indianapolis are all pretty thin at slot WR as well and could just generally use more depth. The Buccaneers are an interesting one as Russell Gage was signed to help fill the void left by Chris Godwin‘s injury. Gage can play inside, but Tampa might need him outside more, which could open up the slot role.

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