Don’t Overreact to Week 1

Fantasy Football

With Week 1 in the books, there can often be an overreaction, either positive or negative, to the results. It is important not to make huge brash decisions on dropping or trading players that performed poorly or using an all important roster spot for a player who will only be a one week wonder.




Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had a look preseason of being a strong offensive team and just fell flat against the 49ers. With Adrian Peterson’s return to the field after being suspended for most of last week, fantasy teams were taking him in the top 5 picks and rolling him out as the stud for the team. Unfortunately, 13 touches for 52 yards and no touchdowns is not the type of game you want. Don’t overreact to Peterson’s lackluster game. The 49ers defense was better than given credit for and the Vikings coaching staff will have to adjust their game plan to run more moving forward. Expect plenty of big games in the future



Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers

When Kelvin Benjamin went down with injury, Greg Olsen appeared to be in line for an even bigger increase in targets and catches. As fantasy players saw the “Week of the TE” happen with Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Tyler Eifert, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins all having huge games, Olsen was barely targeted and ending the game with 1 catch for 11 yards (though he had two catches, including one touchdown, negated by penalty). The Panthers seemed to make it clear after the game that getting the ball in Olsen’s hands is crucial for their offense and his numbers should spike back up into elite TE territory.


Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

The question has been looming over Peyton Manning when he will finally fall off the cliff. With a new coach and new system, this year seemed to line up to be the final drop off, and his play Week 1 seems to back up this assertion. Throwing for only 175 yards and no touchdowns, including 1 interception, Peyton looked more like an average journeyman QB than one of the greatest of all-time. That being said, it isn’t panic time. The Broncos still have excellent weapons and were facing a tough Ravens defense. Peyton still threw the ball plenty and seemed to shake off the rust late in the game. Continue starting him with confidence unless this becomes a trend.




Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titan

Marcus Mariota had one of the best debuts for a rookie QB in NFL history racking up 209 yards passing with 4 touchdowns at an 81.3% completion percentage. Though Mariota may become the stud the Titans anticipated while drafting him, don’t expect these type of numbers weekly from the QB. The Buccaneers defense is awful and was a major contributing factor and not having NFL tape on rookie QBs can make them difficult to defend. Mariota should still have good games, but it isn’t time to start him over Peyton Manning or Drew Brees.


Percy Harvin, Buffalo Bills

After injury riddled seasons, Percy Harvin was an afterthought in many fantasy owners minds, especially with the Bills QB problems. In Week 1, the Bills pulled off the unlikely and beat the Colts. The Bills top WR, Sammy Watkins, didn’t record a catch but Percy Harvin burst back onto the scene with 5 catches for 79 yards and a touchdown. The Bills offense seems like it will be pretty inconsistent with who is targeted heavily and Percy Harvin is already dealing with a hip injury that could sideline him. Harvin has the talent to put up solid numbers, but weekly inconsistently won’t really allow you to put him in your lineup.

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