Fantasy Football’s Most Dangerous: The St. Louis Rams’ Team Defense

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The St. Louis Rams are going to be a popular pick come draft time for team defense position. Make no mistake: there is not a single defense in the NFL that is more dangerous for a fantasy football owner than the Rams. This is largely because the defense is almost completely unchanged from 2014 to this season. They are just as good as they were last year. This could be their biggest downfall.

The Rams have one of the best front sevens in the entire NFL. They are also very deep at linebackers and on the defensive line. This is not changing going into this season. The secondary still leave one to wonder however. It does not appear, unless the team really focuses on this during that draft that this is going to change.

It is hard to believe that the Rams are going to spend a bunch of draft picks to improve their defense that is already one of the best in the league. The Rams need to get some explosive talent on the other side of the ball. They made a huge stride in acquiring Nick Foles from the Eagles and now they will more than likely want to bulk up on some weapons to get the most out of their new gunslinger.

Though the Rams were one of the best defenses in the NFL last year and have pretty much remained unchanged does not mean they are a safe bet this season. Many fantasy owners are going to look at what they accomplished last season and immediately decided they are the defense to pick. Those owners may be right, but there is definitely something to consider.

The Rams’ defense may not have changed much, but the offenses in the NFC West are. The Seahawks added Jimmy Graham. Russell Wilson now has a legitimate target in his arsenal. Not to mention the team still has Marshawn Lynch who is still a big time threat at 29 years old.

As for the 49ers and Cardinals, they still have talent too. Nobody can deny that Colin Kaepernick has the ability to absolutely destroy a defense on any given week. He also is gaining a new weapon in the form of former Ravens’ wide out Torrey Smith. The Cardinals are going to have both of their top offensive weapons back healthy for the start of 2015. Andre Ellington has tons of potential and could be one of the most dominant backs in the league if he could stay healthy. We all know Larry Fitzgerald can do damage. He may be getting up there in age, but he still can hurt a defense.

A lot of times fantasy owners choose their defense based on the competition they will face. Some do this on a week to week basis, other like to stick with one easy schedule the whole season. Either way, unless the Rams can bulk up the secondary a bit they will be a very dangerous choice this season because of the new receivers in the division. Regardless of the dangers, they are still very appealing simply because of that front seven.


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