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“Dangerous” is a term that we throw around a lot because it has so many different meanings. It is definitely a word one could use to describe Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck heading into the 2015 fantasy football season.

Luck finished the 2014 season as the second highest scoring quarterback in terms of fantasy points behind Aaron Rodgers. Luck threw the most touchdowns in the NFL last season and ranked third in the passing yards. These are three reason why he could end up being the most highly sought after quarterback in fantasy football during drafts this summer.

The potential to have another monstrous season makes him very dangerous. He actually has better chances of having a top notch season than other elite passers such as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. This is because Manning and Rodgers are having some changes in the perssonel around them. Brees’ situation is extremely confusing right now. Nobody know what is happening in the New Orleans. He may end up with the Buccaneers which would not be a good thing for those who rely on Brees’ passing stats to carry their team as Lovie Smith is simply not a good coach to have your starting quarterback play for. Even if he stays in New Orleans, Brees will be forced to deal with the loss of the league’s best tight end, Jimmy Graham.

These negative changes are simply not the case for Luck. Luck will have all his favorite targets back despite the loss of Reggie Wayne. Wayne was not a major factor in Luck’s big season as he went out for the year with an injury early in 2014. Aside from keeping the receiving corps, Luck will also now have a viable threat to run the football. Frank Gore recently signed with the team, which will definitely help as it just seems like Trent Richardson cannot be counted on to carry the ground attack. The dual threat of Gore and Ahmad Bradshaw is a very nice looking combination. More than likely Bradshaw will be the running back the Colts turn to in passing situations and Gore will be used on first downs and short yardage situations.

That of course is using “dangerous” in the positive. There is a “dangerous” negative side to drafting Luck. Since Luck will be a very highly valued quarterback, he will demand a pretty hefty price tag during fantasy drafts. He could end up being selected in the second or third rounds. That means in order to grab him, a fantasy owner would have to pass on a solid running back or wide receiver.

With the quarterbacks being as even as they are, it seems like a better idea to wait a bit to take one. Instead, loading up on running backs and wide receivers may choose to be a safer choice for fantasy owners going into this season. The running back pool is very shallow as usual. It just seems like a dangerous choice to choose Luck over a running back. There will always be solid quarterbacks later in the draft. Last year, you could wait until the middle to late rounds and find a very suitable starter. The same very well could be true this season.

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