2014 Fantasy Football Season in Review: AFC South

Fantasy Football NFL Team Fantasy Analysis

Houston Texans

             The Houston Texans had two big things going for them this season in fantasy football: Arian Foster and a superb defense. Those two things made this otherwise unappealing team very worthwhile.

Despite missing three games of the season, Arian Foster was a top five running back in fantasy football. After missing most of the 2013 season due to injury, fantasy owners were afraid of the former top three running back. Nobody knew how he would bounce back. Even before he went out in 2013, Foster was not looking like himself. However, he proved all his doubters wrong by rushing for 1,246 yards and scoring 13 touchdowns. He was definitely a steal for those owners who were lucky enough to have him fall to them in the second round.

Then there was the defense. In reality, it was not so much the whole defense that was amazing it was just one man. J.J. Watt was the absolute best player in the NFL this season, despite the MVP voters disagreeing. When a defense is able to score touchdowns, it means a huge day in fantasy football. No defensive player in the league seemed to score as easily as Watt.

 Indianapolis Colts

             The Indianapolis Colts were simply an all around great team in fantasy football in 2014. Adrew Luck was definitely the top quarterback in the game. T.Y. Hilton had a huge break out year and even hit the 200 yard mark in a game. They had a quality sleeper in running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who was a stud in the passing game. Even the defense turned out to be a fine starter for fantasy football purposes.

There really is not much more to say. Overall, this may have been the best team or at least one of the top three teams, to bet on in fantasy football. The Colts’ stars will be highly valued in fantasy drafts going into next season.


Jacksonville Jaguars

             Nobody expected the Jacksonville Jaguars to have any good fantasy football players in 2014. However, fantasy owners did not expect them to show so much potential. They are loaded with sleepers going into fantasy drafts this offseason.

Though nobody will be looking at Blake Bortles, he did show that he may someday be a star in the NFL. Instead it was the unknown running back Denard Robinson that turned out to be the major asset for this team. Robinson averaged 4.3 yard per carry. In his nine starts he was underutilized, but still managed to go for over 600 yards from scrimmage.

The other position that was very exciting for the Jaguars was the wide receivers. Unfortunately it was so difficult to pick the one that was going to have the big game each week. Hopefully someone will emerge as the go-to receiver next season. The front runner at this point looks to be Allen Hurns.

Tennessee Titans

             The Tennessee Titans were definitely a team to stay away from in 2014. Unless they hit the free agency really hard nothing is going to change going into next season. They had nothing worth talking about in fantasy football. Everybody was either just a bad as expected or were completely underwhelming.

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