2014 Fantasy Football Season in Review: NFC East

Fantasy Football NFL Team Fantasy Analysis

Dallas Cowboys


            How ‘bout them Cowboys? This team had a stellar fantasy season. They had starts at all the major positions. In fact they had one of, if not the most, valuable player in fantasy football: DeMarco Murray

Murray led the NFL in rushing yards with 1845. His stellar start to the season got a lot of teams off to a great beginning. He was able to break the record for the most consecutive 100 plus rushing games to start a season that was previously held by Cleveland Browns’ hall of famer Jim Brown. Quite possibly the best part about this was where he was drafted. Murray was typically considered a late first or early second round pick during drafts. This meant that not only was a team able to have the best running back in the league, but they also had another phenomenal player to pair with him.

Tony Romo was exactly what we expected he would be. Romo is always a valuable fantasy football quarterback, but he is never considered one of the game’s elite. The Cowboy’s quarterback may not have posted a 4,000 yard passing season, but he was able to throw 34 interceptions and single digit interceptions. Considering teams did not have to sacrifice a high draft pick on him, he had a great season.

Then of course there is Dez Bryant. Bryant led all wide receivers in touchdowns. He was also able to put up over 1,300 yards and 88 receptions. His average game was 88 receiving yards and a touchdown. Any fantasy owner would be thrilled with that. 

New York Giants 

            The New York Giants were all about sleepers in 2014. The two big names that stick out in this category are Rashad Jennings and Odell Beckham Jr. Though both players’ season were shortened by injuries, when they were on the field they were some of the best in the business.

Rashad Jennings was one of the best running backs to own in the beginning of the season. His breakout game came in week two when he went for over 170 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately a injuries cause him to miss time just as he was really heating up. He ended up only playing in 11 games this season; starting only nine of those. He was unable to manage to put up 1,000 yards from scrimmage. It will be very interesting to see how highly he is targeted in drafts next season.

Fans were not happy with Odell Beckham Jr. at the beginning of the season. Beckham missed the first five games of the season. However, this did not stop him from posting an awesome stat line in terms of fantasy football. When Beckham finally reached the field, he quickly made any of his doubters forget their complaints. His stat line reads 91 receptions for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns. He really went off during the fantasy football playoffs. He scored five touchdowns in the last two games of the season. He is definitely going to be considered a number one wide receiver next season. He my even end up demanding a second round pick in drafts.


Philadelphia Eagles 

            The Eagles were a very interesting team to follow in fantasy football. Their season was a constant rollercoaster ride. Outside of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, starting the Eagles’ players was a constant gamble for fantasy owners.

It seemed like the 2013 rushing champion, LeSean McCoy, was just not the same player. He had a number of things that hurt him this season. The first of which was the addition of the Darren Sproles. Sproles was a great player, but he definitely cut into McCoy’s productions. The second major problem was the offensive line. The line was simply terrible.

The biggest tell tale sign of the Eagles came at the quarterback position. Going into the season, everyone was expecting big things out of Nick Foles. Foles was definitely not the same player he was the year before. However, despite not being superb, he was still a viable fantasy football quarterback. Then he got injured and replaced by Mark Sanchez. Immediately, fantasy football owners started chatter about if Sanchez was going to have value in Chip Kelly’s system. That chatter died in a couple of weeks. 

Washington Redskins

             There really is not much to say about the Washington Redskins. The NFC east is loaded with talented players who make a big impact in fantasy football games. Unfortunately, those player do not play for the Redskins. The Skins’ have a number of decent fantasy football players: Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, but none of them are on the same level as many of the other superstars in the East.

All in all the Redskins are easily forgotten in fantasy football. With only three players worthy of making a slight difference in fantasy football, is hard to blame fantasy owners for their lack of love for the Hogs.

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