Waiver Wire Pickups for Week Six

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

Branden Oliver

            After Donald Brown went out of the game against the Oakland Raiders, the Chargers were forced to rely on rookie running back Branden Oliver to carry the load. Oliver had been active in the lineup since week three, but never got a chance to shine. He definitely shined when he got the opportunity. Oliver took 19 handoffs for 114 yards and a touchdown and added another four catches for 68 yards and a touchdown. Since the Sunday’s matchup, it has been confirmed that Brown suffered a concussion on the play. The Chargers have no one else to turn to except Oliver. If Oliver performs well again this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs, he will definitely earn himself some more playing time when Brown returns. For this week at least, Oliver makes a great candidate to start in place of a running back who is on a bye week or even as a flex player. 

Austin Davis outscored the likes of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Andrew Luck in week five.

Austin Davis outscored the likes of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Andrew Luck in week five.

Austin Davis

             Austin Davis is playing at a very high level. Many St. Louisians are already forgetting about Sam Bradford. Believe it or not, Davis actually put up the second most fantasy points by a quarterback in week five. He threw for 375 yards and three touchdowns and almost led the Rams back from a huge deficit. Had the Rams won it would have been the biggest comeback in terms of number of point down in the fourth quarter in NFL history. He has thrown six touchdowns in the last two games. He is definitely worth adding on your bench or even starting in deeper leagues.

 Josh Brown

             Coming into this season Matt Prater was one of the consensus top three kickers in the league. As many of you probably heard he was released late last week by the Denver Broncos. This leaves a number of owners without a kicker. These owners have been forced to spot start a number of different guys and just hope for the best. These fantasy owners no longer need to do this. The answer is to pick up Giants’ kicker Josh Brown. Brown has put up at least nine fantasy points in each of his last three games. The Giants’ offense is clicking once again and the coach’s conservative philosophy has not changed. This means Brown is going to continue to have chances to put up points.

Austin Davis is playing at a high level. Be sure to grab his favorite wide receiver.

Austin Davis is playing at a high level. Be sure to grab his favorite wide receiver.

 Brian Quick

             Brian Quick is emerging as the St. Louis Rams’ number one wide receiver. He has already developed a strong relationship with Austin Davis. The two have connected in the end zone three times in their last two games. Quick may not be a starter in fantasy football at this point, but eventually injuries and bye weeks are going to start hurting fantasy owners. When this happens you should be like Austin Davis and make Quick your go-to receiver.

 Andre Williams

             Andre Williams is a tough player to judge. In the first two games, he did not show anything spectacular and it appeared that Rashad Jennings had cemented himself as the team’s number one running back. After a game in which Jennings took 32 handoffs, the Giants wanted to ease up on their star back’s work load. The result was to give Williams more playing time. He played well and the Giants felt more comfortable with giving him more last weekend against the Falcons. Then something happened to make Williams’ value skyrocket, at least in the short term. Jennings went out of the game with a knee injury. Until more is known about Jennings’ injury, it should be assumed Williams will be the starter next weekend.

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