AFC East Fantasy Team Grades

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By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:


Buffalo Bills:  C-

Top Fantasy Performers:

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

  1. Stevie Johnson– WR: If Johnson can stay healthy he can be a top 10 receiver in the league. Unfortunately for him he has terrible hamstrings and gets injured all the time. Don’t sleep on this kid but temper expectations with his injury past. I think I drafted him on almost all my teams this year.
  2. C.J. Spiller– RB: Spiller is one of the most explosive runners in the NFL. His carries will go up this season with the new regime but he that can be a bad thing as well. Spiller isn’t a big back and is prone to injury. He’s no Jahvid Best but the two remind me of one another.
  3. EJ Manuel- QB: Manuel will be the starter at some point this season. I believe it will be early. The projected starter Kevin Kolb is a glass house quarterback. He is probably going to be out of the team’s first preseason game because he slipped after practice. “And Kolb goes down after that terrific play by his untied shoelaces, looks like he’ll be out this week.” He is also very erratic. Manuel will have his rookie struggles but in the end will perform well.


Miami Dolphins:  D+

Top Fantasy Performers:

  1. Mike Wallace– WR: Wallace is the only true playmaker on this team. He will make some huge plays but don’t expect consistent numbers from him. He’s a deep threat and can struggle playing in a normal receivers role.


New England Patriots:  B

Top Fantasy Performers:

  1. Tom Brady-QB: Brady is still going to be a top QB despite having far less weapons than last year. He makes everyone around himself better and will dissect defenses and make the right throws regardless of who is catching the ball.
  2. Rob Gronkowski– TE: As soon as Gronk gets back he will be the feature receiver in this offense. He is the most talented tight end in NFL history and just needs to get healthy. For someone as good as him it is such a disappointment to suffer so many injuries.    gronk_needsresized
  3. Steven Ridley- RB: Ridley absolutely busted out last year. I think this season teams will key in on him a little more but the Patriots now have a running game. Put a star runningback and quarterback together and you certainly have something special.


New York Jets:  F

Analysis: I can’t even include a top fantasy performer part for this team. They are the worst offensive team in the NFL besides the Raiders. Quarterback is terrible with Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith can do some good things if he gets his head on straight. Santonio Holmes is washed up and immature. Chris Ivory has talent but is far from a starting runningback. I won’t even mention the other receivers and tight ends because there’s nothing worth mentioning. The line is actually the only good thing about this offense. Too bad they can’t score fantasy points.



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