Sleeping Beauties

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By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:

The players listed below are not sleepers, nor are they deep sleepers, more intuitively put, they are in a coma. These players are buried in their teams’ depth chart and most likely won’t be seeing the field anytime soon. For some their time will come, others it will not. Regardless, each one of these men has great hidden talent. They are not practice pros but if given the opportunity, can be game changers. They are waiting for their princess to come wake them from their deep, deep, fantasy sleep.

  1. Tim Tebow- Patriots: Yeah we all knew it was coming. But there’s no denying it; Tebow is the man. He is not the best practice player and has more than his fair share of bad passes but he needs to play. He is at his best when he is in a game. At this stage in his career he is the most polished since his entry into the NFL and is ripe to deliver some major damage to opposing teams.      forsale


  1. Roberts Hughes- Colts: Hughes has five rushing yards in his NFL career. Just five yards! Why is he on this list then? I watched him his entire time at Notre Dame and he can play. He is listed as a fullback for the Indianapolis Colts but he is a bruising runner. He can become a great end zone back and score some big points.


  1. Ryan Mallet- Patriots: Mallet has absolutely shined in the training camp. He could be a starter right now in the league. He’s stuck behind Tom Brady and we could see him carry the torch when Brady retires.


  1. Kirk Cousins– Redskins: We saw some of Cousins last year. He struggled some and shined some. But he’s a very good player. He only played one full game and had 2 touchdowns; he just needs time to settle in.


  1. Toby Gerhart– Vikings: Gerhart is stuck. He’s stuck behind one of the best runningbacks in NFL history. If Gerhart can get touches he can be a big time player. He is aggressive and could be a huge red zone threat. If something happens to Adrian Peterson you have to pick this guy up.


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