Which Type of Fantasy Draft GM Are You?

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By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:

In each draft it’s always different. Fists are slammed, breathes are released, and lips are pursed each time. We’re talking about the #1 overall draft pick in fantasy drafts. Everyone picks someone different. Some believe in straight safe picks, dangerous/high reward picks, and top projected player picks. Here is an analysis of the different perspectives and strategies to the top pick.

The Safe Pickers: You can’t go wrong picking “safe” with the first draft choice. Fantasy owners who draft this way will probably pick Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. It’s a conservative way to draft but a full proof one. Brees scored the most points in Standard leagues last year and is always solid week after week. Brees is solid and so are fantasy owners who draft like this.    drewbrees

The Risky Pickers: You really can’t pick risky with the first draft choice however there are some players who have extreme upside but may have had problems with injury or inconsistency. Peyton Manning could be a hazardous pick with his neck trouble or Collin Kapernick could be a scary pick with only 10 regular season games under his belt. You never know for sure how it’s going to turn out when you roll the dice.

The Favorite Pickers: Serious fantasy players love guys who draft like this. There’s always some draft where you have a player like this. It’s somebody who totally ignores rankings and picks who they like. So instead of a good pick in Arian Foster they pick Maurice Jones-Drew.

The Statistician: With all sports moving toward using numbers to project performance there’s a growing number of people who use stats to draft. Now it’s true as fantasy players we all have to use stats to make an accurate draft pick but some people take it to a new level. They skip the real world element and focus purely on numbers.

The Running Back Picker: I don’t know what the deal is but it has seemed like everyone is drafting runningbacks first this year. It’s always Arian Foster, too. When the quarterbacks are scoring more points why would you draft a running back first? Never the less a lot and I mean a lot of people are going straight with a runningback regardless.

Writer’s Note: No matter what way you draft; risky or safe we’re all fantasy players. More than that we’re all Americans. So as you enjoy time with family and use your numbers to project how well your first pick will do, think about how lucky you are to be where you are. How fortunate we are to sit on Sunday’s and be able to watch the NFL without fear the rest of the world has that never gets to experience America. God Bless and enjoy your 4th of July. –E.J.



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