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By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:


Now that I took a break to write about my Fantasy draft I’m ready to get back to my rankings. I started with the quarterbacks and now I’ll move on to the running backs. However, what I want to say about the running backs is that they’re way overrated. For some reason everyone is putting a huge precedent on running backs this season. It’s true there is a bounty of serviceable backs this season but that makes it all the more important to get a good QB. Draft with care my readers.

1. Maurice Jones-Drew: Jacksonville Jaguars:

3…2…1… Clear for liftoff! Maurice Jones-Drew is ready to blast off and reach new heights this season. He fell apart last year due to injuries, but with the addition of the Jags first overall pick Eric Reid and a slightly improved passing attack, he is ready to make the jump onto the moon of stardom. One small step for man to reach his recliner to turn on the Jags game, many big steps for Jones-Drew to reach the endzone.

2. LeSean McCoy: Philadelphia Eagles:

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Technically it isn’t fair to put McCoy on this list. He wasn’t that bad last year. At least not that bad when you compare him to the average running back. But by McCoy’s standards and for how high I drafted him in my FF draft last year… He was bad. So he will fall in a lot of drafts. But the Eagles are going in the right direction with head coach Chip Kelly at the helm and so is Mccoy. He will bounce back nicely this year.

3. Matt Forte: Chicago Bears:

I used a really lame pun the last time I described Forte so I might as well do it again. Forte is going to be a real bear this year. He’ll slash apart defenses like a Grizzly bear trying to get his honey. Not his hunny; like his girlfriend bear. Heavens no! Animal affection is scary! Ever since I saw two giant turtles mate as a kid I’ve been scarred for life. But that’s a story for another time. Forte just had an off year last season. He is way too talented to follow up his bad season with another sub-par season. He also has a new coach who will find the best ways to utilize his talents.

4. Ahmad Bradshaw: Indianapolis Colts:

Up to the point until Bradshaw was signed by the Colts he was but an afterthought. He was a free agent and free agents are always afterthoughts in fantasy football because there’s no guarantee they will score points when they have no team. Simple logic. Now that Bradshaw is with the Colts he will thrive. The Colts have a decent line but have been dying for a running game since Marshall Faulk left. Okay, since Edgerrin James left.

5. Rashard Mendenhall: Arizona Cardinals:

Everybody is hatin’ on my man Rashard. He’s a very talented back who just struggled with injuries last year. When he did play he played well even though he was still not 100%. Mendenhall will fit nicely into the starting spot for the Cardinals and help balance out an offense that really had no balance last year. Not because there was such a great passing game, but because there was no offense what so ever.





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