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By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:

Its summer time and I’m in the mood for more rankings! With my position rankings wrapped up (excluding Kickers and Defense because they’re a dime a dozen) it’s now time to move on to Sleeper position rankings! What’s a Sleeper you might ask? Rex Ryan in the off-season? No that’s an eater!

A Sleeper is a player poised to have a breakout season. While everyone sleeps on the player in question; the best Fantasy players prey on the given players potential and juice him for points. So being the nice guy that I am I listed the top 5 quarterback sleepers for this Fantasy Football season.      mattstafford

  1. Matthew Stafford– Detroit Lions: Stafford fell flat on his face last season. The Lions simply had no running attack and no threats at the receiver position other than All Pro Calvin Johnson. This season things are looking up with the acquisition of running back Reggie Bush. Add to the fact that Stafford is just simply too talented. He has the biggest arm in the league and if he makes smart decisions will pick apart the defense.
  2. E.J. Manuel– Buffalo Bills: Manuel is going to come out shooting this season. History supports the early success of the rookie quarterback and Manuel is a bit raw but is packed full of talent. The Bills have also done a good job of giving Manuel all the tools he will need to be successful. The only question is the offensive line.
  3. Ryan Tannehill– Miami Dolphins: Tannehill’s first season was over shadowed by all the other young quarterbacks exploding onto the seen. Tannehill did well for what he had around him. In the off-season the Dolphins made it a top priority to surround him with weapons and they certainly did. He’s ready to bust out.
  4. Alex Smith– Kansas City Chiefs: This is the most conservative pick on the list. Smith the last few seasons has been good but not great. Before his injury last year I saw him ready to really take off. He wasn’t allotted that opportunity. This year in Kansas City he’s ready for takeoff.
  5. Mike Vick/ Nick Foles/ Matt Barkley– Philadelphia Eagles: I’m breaking the rules a little bit with this pick. But whoever ends up being the starter in Philly is going to have a great year. I expect it to be Michael Vick. There is just too much talent on the offense for the QB not to be successful.


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